Friday, February 25, 2011

jedimastertrunks5 soon will be no more

Today I got my second strike on my jedimastertrunks5 account, which got me thinking about my Youtube future.

I've been uploading for what seems like forever, but jedimastertrunks5 will be my last Youtube account. I will continue to upload on it as usual until it is inevitably suspended, but after that I'm done.

It's not the same as streaming video, but I post my encodes of PVs and DVDs on this blog from time to time so check back often if you are interested in that sort of thing.

When I started uploading a couple of years ago my goal was to gain at least one new fan that becomes interested in Hello! Project. I don't know if I accomplished that goal, but I sure did have fun along the way!


  1. You can count me. For I still credit you among GiveItBackNow & Ghoulie for making me at the least a Morning Musume fan for life 8)


  2. You have been giving us H!P fans a lot and I thank you for that. I believe that I subscribed to your channel almost 1-2 years ago(not sure) and although it does make me a bit sad that you will be gone from youtube I'll make sure to continue seeing videos from H!P from their channels.

  3. awwww, 2nd strike ; u ;
    oh well, at least senpai will upload the download links into his blog~

    anyway...arigatou for all your hard work~ <3

  4. JoshuaHallto/JpopJosh said: kinda also done uploading PVs, concerts, DVD magazines and whatnot. UFA is on the PEWPEW.

    cant get me for my reviews! =P

  5. Don't let em get you down Chris!!!!