Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day in Japan

is actually quite different from Valentine's Day here in the United States.

In Japan, February 14th is a day where girls give guys chocolate. A month later on March 14th (called White Day), the guys return the favor.

Another way the Japanese have changed the holiday is by setting distinct categories for the kind of chocolate that is given. Giri-Choco is obligation chocolates given co-workers, bosses, and those types of people. Honmei-Choco is chocolate given by girls to guys that they like. It's almost always handmade.

Aichan demonstrates Honmei-Choco

Here is a video of a Ciaela, a Canadian girl living in Japan, making Honmei-Choco for her Valentine's:

And then a funny story about Giri-Choco and Honmei-Choco by Japanarchist:

And finally, you can read even more about Valentine's Day on two of my favorite Japan related blogs, Tofugu and JapanNewbie.