Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zassou no Uta Event V, Seishun no Serenade Single V

The Buono! Event V contains six PVs - a "Solo Beauty Ver." which is just a slightly zoomed out close up, and a "Live at the Garage Ver.", which is similar except the girls have old fashioned mics (as seen in the original PV) and a band behind them.

Airi Solo Beauty Version
Airi Live at the Garage Version

Miyabi Solo Beauty Version
Miyabi Live at the Garage Version

Momoko Solo Beauty Version
Momoko Live at the Garage Version:

And also Mano Erina's new single Seishun no Serenade Single V, which contains the normal PV, a close up version, and the making of.

Normal PV
Close Up Version
Making of

As always, you should buy the singles if you want to support these artists!


  1. Thanks alot mate, this is a really nice vid:)
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