Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kiss Me Aishiteru single v, Zassou no Uta single v

Again, both of these aren't exactly new, but I had a small backlog of things to encode.

On C-ute's Kiss Me Aishiteru single v is the normal PV, a close-up version, and the jacket and PV making of.

On Buono!'s Zassou no Uta single v is the normal PV, the Live at the Garage Ver. PV, and the making of.

Kiss Me Aishiteru Normal PV

Kiss Me Aishiteru Close Up Version

Kiss Me Aishiteru making of

Zassou no Uta normal PV

Zassou no Uta (Live at the Garage Version) PV

Zassou no Uta making o


  1. as always, thank you for the download link!!!!! :D
    idk what i would do without senpai :3 must download it tomorrow!!
    C-ute GIFs, here I come~~

  2. Ah, very nice, thank you! Now I can replace the youtube rip of Kiss Me Aishiteru's PV from my iPhone videos lol.

  3. Why there's no link now? D: