Thursday, March 17, 2011

Okai Chisato 2011 solo live vol. 1 download link

Since virtually all new releases and events for the month of March are either canceled or delayed, I decided now would be a good time to catch up on encoding some of the things I've missed. Today it's Chisato's first solo concert DVD.

It's not as spectacular as, say, an Ayaya concert or something, but those that are familiar with Berryz and C-ute's solo lives at Pacific Heaven will know what to expect. 

I was a little disappointed that it wasn't more like a real concert (the Berryz/C-ute Annex FC events were more of what I was expecting), but it was still good. It started a bit boring with just dancing (I would have preferred the dancing only performances to be mixed in with the singing performances) but quickly picked up when the Buono! song started.

Also I love how Chisato has quite a few fangirls in the audience - and in the front row too! The arm in the above picture is one of the crazier ones who seemed to know the lyrics and dance to every song Chisato sang. Truly a girl after my own heart.

Also a quick note about this video: this is the first time I have publicly released a video with chapters. Chapters allow you to skip to any performance instantly with the click of a button (assuming your video player supports it). More on chapters and how to use them in this post.


  1. With Chisato, UFA has to be carefull because she is the less popular member in C-ute (not now i guess) xD 1st Pacific heaven......the 2nd live was more concert like ^^ and if she makes a 3rd solo live i guess it´ll be performed in bigger places

    Little by little xD

  2. You beat me to it! I was trying to encode the file to about 600-700MB yesterday (over 1GB was just too much) but had to give up due to my inability to wait. And you even took it farther and added chapters! Very nifty that, thank you!

    I had to laugh when you explained your views on the video because they were exactly the same as my own.

    When the first song came on I was like "Cool, she's doing one of the dances from the YT vids." Then another came on, "Hmm, okay. This dance and song is cute. But will she sing soon?" And then another, "You can't be serious... There's no way she can be dancing the whole hour! Sing Chisato, sing!" And then she did.

    The fangirls was the first thing I noticed! I was very happy to see that. It always kind of creeps me out when you get a screenshot of about 40 people and all of them are men. Surely these girls have some female fans in their home country. - They have plenty outside of it.

    My problem with Chisato as a singer is that she dances hard. She's so used to being just a background singer and dancing with her all that when it comes to singing a whole song on her own she seems to be out of breath half way through. This has always been the case with Chisato, as you can see for the single promo events where each girl sings 5 songs alone. Chisato does so amazingly on the first song (showing the other girls up with her singing and dancing, multitasking skills) that she's struggling with her energy on the second, and there's still 3 more songs to sing after that. A little practice in balancing the two talents and she should become quite the star.

    Speaking of the single promo events, I'm so glad she sung "ONLY YOU". I love that song and hope it'll be around for the long run, even though the shuffle groups don't seem to be.

    Hopefully someone will sub this soon because the MC's seem to be very amusing. And I'd like to hear/see what she said at the end about getting her own solo live.

    Again, thanks for a great encode!

  3. CIA: I'll look forward to Vol. 2 then! For Vol. 3 let's aim for Yokohama Arena lol

    Hidders: That's a pretty spot on assessment of Chisato's abilities. Reminds me of Risako a couple of years ago. If she continues to grow, she will definitely challenge Airi for C-ute's most talented member (and this is coming from an Airi fanboy).

    I love Only You too. Did you see when she performed it with C-ute at another FC event?

    I'd love to see it subbed as well but no one seems to want to touch these Berryz/C-ute FC events. The only ones that are subbed are the ones that I worked on when I was a member of ICU-Subs.

    And you're welcome~