Monday, March 21, 2011

My collection now has moar Captain

Captain is someone that I've crushed on for the longest time, so I thought its about time I got some special Captain goods.

Yep, a Heroine ni Narou ka! Captain signed photo-board.

Along with this autograph came a copy of the regular edition of Heroine ni Narou ka!



  1. Um where did you find that board.

  2. the usual, Yahoo Japan Auctions. I guess they decided to raffle off signed boards instead of posters for this single

  3. You is lucky that I've lost interest in Capt. or I'd gone to your house, say hello to your parents and then proceed to steal your Capt. board.

    ......and as an added bonus I would probably knock out on your bed and for like an hour or two or seven. Depending on how tired I am. And then I'd ask your parents to drop me off home. :P