Friday, March 25, 2011

Kikkawa Yuu - Kikkake wa You live 720p HD

Kikka performs her debut single on Uta no Rakuen.

I'm really liking this song now that I've seen it live and seen some of the hand gestures that goes with the song. There's something about UFA and debut singles. Like every single group and soloist's debut single has been epic to me. I'm also really glad for Kikka because she waited a very long time to debut even though she probably was ready in her auditions. Now, she's gotten even better and I think in a year from now (when Aichan has moved on), she will be competing for H!P's best singer.

Her debut was schedule for March 30th, but it has been postponed to May 11th. You can still pre-order it.

Also don't forget that UFA is doing something pretty rare and special with this release - each edition comes with a different B-side, so you get more Kikkawa for the same low price of 1000 yen each.


  1. damm, 1 girl more competing for H!P best singer award? xD I agree with that, she is really good now, so in 1 year she will be in the 1st Class Top

    I love her debut song <3

  2. ...1st time watching it... (yes, I didn't feel like watching it before)

    OMG <3333

  3. Kikkawa is fast making me a fan of hers...