Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bijou Gaku #49 - Aika-senpai shows her claws (english sub)

First of all, I once again thank the translator yamiwonder because the translation belongs to him. I re-timed it, edited the subs a little, and hardsubbed it.

Note: at the 9 second mark a blue border appears on the left and bottom of the screen - that is probably news/information about the earthquake/tsunami in Japan. I cropped out as much of it as I could (it is completely gone after the 15 second mark), but couldn't edit it out at the very beginning.

This is a pretty interesting segment because we see the senpai members mentor 9th gen (especially Aika scolding them, Gakisan being stern, and Aichan staying behind during practice). I was a little surprised to see Aika act that way - it's a side we've never seen before - but it just shows that she (as well as the other senpai members) really want the new members to succeed.

Even when Aichan leaves later this year, after watching this clip I am not at all worried about Morning Musume's future leadership. It goes without saying that Gakisan will be an excellent leader. Sayu, despite her poison tongue character, is a caring person and I think will fill the role well. Reina loves Morning Musume just as much as any wota and will put in the effort to be a good leader. And as this video shows, Aika will also be a great leader someday. She already seems ready. Whenever her time comes I know that she will be up to the task.

Also, for those of you familiar with avisynth, this was by far the most complicated script I've ever used. It took quite a bit of thinking to figure out how to remove the borders and combine the video + audio seamlessly. Here's what the script looked like:



  1. wow, that was good cutting :O I could never be a pro like senpai XD

  2. You're awewsome. Thanks for your hard work.

    If you know a place where I can download a high-quality preview of the PV, I'd love to know it.

  3. I was just hoping Aika-chan would step up to begin with & was so glad to see her do so in the earlier episodes. Indeed it was a surprise! She has a pure heart, but even she can get frustrated / disapointed. I share your confidence in MM. They'll be just fine though I still think Tsunku-san is pushing to hard with a spring concert. A Summer tour would of given the 9th gen. more time. Something tells me the DVD release will be heavily edited.

    Ehhhh! You had some doubts about Gaki-san? lol Yes, it seems as if Ai-chan is just hanging back & letting Gaki-san/Aika handle it. Stepping in to assist when only needed. Eripon seems to be her primary focus & Kanon Risas.

    I also noted how tired the 9th gen was. Think they know just what it means to be MM & how much we the fans have been so spoiled these last couple of years for the vets make it look so easy 8)

  4. Grr! Didn't proof read:

    Oh I forgot to mention. Thanks for taking the time to re-edit & modify the foottage!

    You know, though I doubt anyone will, you shouls set up a donation link. Time is money. . .

  5. Melisa: you're like the youngest encoder i've ever met. if you keep practicing, you'll definitely be better than me someday. now i know how the senpai members feel in that video~

    Flip: There was a 15 second commercial of it that aired on Bijo Gaku. Here you go:

    Cyane: Because of the disaster in Japan, the concert has been postponed so they have a little extra time to learn. They will still make mistakes, but sometimes its best to just throw them to the fire and let them learn from the experience. They'd probably learn more (or at least quicker) that way than sitting on the sidelines watching.

    I did make quite a few posts about donations and I have a link at the top of the page for info about donations. There have been a lot of people finding this blog via Google, searching for ways to donate to Japan, so I think the posts serves their purpose.

  6. I mean't donations to/for YOU for your time editing/posting.

    Ya I saw your post & have all ready donated to Japan.

  7. lol oh no I can't accept money from anyone. I do this because I love doing it and that's a reward in itself~

  8. lol "first no border, then no border."

    Aika totally ripped Erina a new one omg you have no idea how happy that made me it's like i fell in love with her all over again <33