Thursday, March 24, 2011

Firefox 4 just made Firefox more awesome

Firefox 4 is Mozilla's biggest update to the popular browser in years. They made a ton of new changes, most of which are awesome. In this post I'll show you some of them.

First, of course you'll need to download it if you haven't already:

Right away you should notice some changes:

The menu bar has been removed (you know, File, Edit, Tools, etc) to save space. Now its all hidden under that orange Firefox button in the top left.

Another major change is to tabs. They are now at the top of the screen, Chrome style.

My second favorite new feature is that you can now pin tabs. Chrome users should know what this does, but it basically means that whatever website you "pin" will stay open in the background forever (until you unpin it). This is great for sites that you visit a lot (for me its Gmail and Google). That way, no matter if you close Firefox, shutdown, or whatever - whenever you open Firefox again, those pinned websites will already be open.

You can see my two pinned tabs in the picture above directly to the right of the orange Firefox button (Gmail and Google). To pin a website, just right click on the tab and select "Pin as App Tab" like so:

There is one more really, really cool feature (and my favorite), but that deserves its own post.

Oh and BTW, According to Mozilla, Firefox 4 is also the fastest version of Firefox ever. Cool.