Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Canceled and rescheduled H!P events, releases, and concerts

Due to the ongoing crisis in Japan and the fact that much of Northern Japan is flooded and inaccessible, many Hello! Project events, releases, and concerts have either been rescheduled or worst case, canceled. 

I will try and keep this post updated as new news is available.

Morning Musume
- Maji Desu ka Ska single (Release date rescheduled)
- Rival Survival Blu-ray DVD (Release date rescheduled) 

- Hawaii FC Tour (Canceled)
- "1974 (Ikunaiyo)" play (Rescheduled)
- 6th Album (Release date rescheduled)

Kikkawa Yuu 
- Debut single (Release date rescheduled)

Berryz Koubou
- 3/14 Heroine ni Narou ka event (canceled)
- 3/15 7th anniversary FC event (canceled)

- 2011 "Smile Factory" Limited Concert (Rescheduled or canceled)

M-line/Dream Musume
- 3/20 Hokkaido tour (canceled)

- H!P 2011 Winter Concert DVD (Release date delayed)
- All H!P concerts and events for the month of March (canceled or delayed)


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