Thursday, March 3, 2011

Double dose of DAWA

S/mileage leader Wada Ayaka recently released her first photobook and her first solo image DVD quickly followed. You'll find download links to both of those at the end of this post. But first here are some screenshots.

The first set is from the making DVD included with her photobook.

And now a couple from her solo DVD.


  1. I downloaded the first link and my Quicktime says that it can't be played.

  2. Quicktime is a pretty bad video player for that exact reason.

    I would suggest VLC player ( ).

  3. that was too much DAWA for me xD i love her ^^

    thanks for screencaps ^^

  4. I do have VLC, it's just strange considering I have the Quicktime add-on that's supposed to play anything, and it also plays the solo DVD perfectly fine.