Monday, March 14, 2011

How to watch Japanese news and not be misinformed

If you want to continue to follow whats currently happening in Japan I would strongly suggest against watching news on TV.

Foxnews is crap. CNN is slightly better but seems to love to be overly dramatic about the nuclear reactors and reports news hours late. I don't have BBC but I imagine it's better. Al Jazeera is good, but you can do better.

There is an online streaming version of NHK World, which is an English version of the Japanese public TV station NHK. It's great, but it isn't live most of the time.

My preferred option is using this site. It is a combination of two video feeds. On the left is the NHK channel broadcasted in Japanese. It's live all the time. On the right is a guy name Katz that is translating any press conferences and breaking news right as they happen on NHK. He's been going strong with little break ever since the disaster started. He also answers viewer questions. Turn down the volume on the left video and just listen to Katz talk and translate.


  1. Ya I've been watching both NHK english & japanese. I've to watch the english side though full screen or I'll get pissed off from someones heartless comments, mis-information, etc.

  2. Thanks for the info. It's depressing seeing FOX11 and other news sources make this whole ordeal sound so much more tragic then it already is.

  3. I think that BBC is actually one of the better english news channels reporting on this, NHK would have to be the better one because it is there. But with everything going on I think that people are having trouble understanding the whole story