Sunday, March 6, 2011

C-ute Kiss Me Aishiteru Event V Download link

On the Event V are solo versions of the PV for each member. These PVs are a mix of close ups, dance shots, the ball chair ver., and metal balloon ver. with the camera focusing on just one member per PV.

Suzuki Airi solo version

Okai Chisato solo version

Hagiwara Mai solo version

Yajima Maimi solo version

Nakajima Saki solo version


  1. The videos are kind of fizzy at some points in Quicktime and VLC. Maybe it's my computer? Any ideas on why this happens?

  2. Could you take a screenshot?

    Go to a point in the video where it looks weird, pause it, and press the Print Screen Button on your keyboard (might say PrtScn). Paste the screenshot into Paint and upload it to and send me a link to the picture.

  3. Okay I have some from Airi's shot right now

    These are some particularly bad moments of the fuzziness.

    I haven't check Chisato's, Mai's, or Maimi's yet but the same thing happens in Saki's. At one point in Saki's some of the screen goes green as well.

  4. My guess is that your PC (or maybe your video card) isn't good enough to handle 60 fps videos. I'll make 30 fps versions later.

  5. Try this and let me know how it plays:

  6. This video works fine.

  7. Okay, my original guess was right. I'll update with new links to the PVs that should work fine when I get home from school.

  8. Thanks so much.
    Would you be doing this for all of the PVs you encode?
    if it takes too much time, it's totally understandable.

  9. Thank you so much for the videos.