Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tearjerking blog posts from C-ute

A couple of the C-ute members were finally allowed to update their blogs. All three of them (Maimi, Airi, Saki) wrote about the crisis in Japan.

Starting with Maimi, I am going to take a couple of short quotes from each post. If you want to read the full translation (and you should because all three did a great job expressing their feelings), you can click on their names above.

Maimi says,

But, in those sad news stories,

I watch each person struggle to survive as I fight against the pain in my heart.

I was moved by how strong everyone is.
Me too, Maimi. It is really uplifting to see very little panic and it's nice seeing a competent government that actually helps its citizens in a time when they need it the most.

She later continues,
Though it hurts my chest, I have so much thanks for those who frantically went out of their way to protect us.

A life that was protected.
A life that was saved.

Though they wanted to survive, those who didn't, they didn't waste their feelings

I have to live and live strong!

In great sadness
we learn important things each and every day.
Wise words from a wise leader.

Nakajima says,
If a lot of dirt piles up, it'll become a mountain

something like that right?


If everyone combines all of their powers

something big will come of it.
That's a very interesting take on the situation. Pretty deep stuff. Didn't know Nakky had it in her.

She finishes,

there are probably a lot to be anxious about but

I want you to not forget how to smile.


it'll probably hurt so much

to smile in this painful and sad time but

I don't really understand however

I feel that the day we can smile will come if we really smile from our hearts.

I feel to anyone you send a smile too, a lot of smiles will pile up.

I don't know who but

I feel that it'll become the one biggest power!


shall we smile a lot?
Very good advice from Nakky. Smiling is a powerful thing; it's really contagious you know? Especially for someone that has a great smile like Nakky does.

And finally I found Airi's post to be the most touching. It is drenched in melancholy, but with a glimmer of hope sprinkled in.

Airi says,
In the earthquake this time
a lot of people's lives had disappeared
in an instant.

Along with praying for happiness in the next life for those who have died, I give my sympathies from my heart to those who have been affected by it too.
Indeed. There isn't much those of us half-way across the globe can do, but praying - or even wishing - for happiness is a good start, especially if the whole world comes together with that one goal. The world then would truly be a better place.

She continues,
I think to myself

What can I do for them?
could I live happily everyday feeling grateful?

To be able to eat, to be able to sleep
to be able to be by the people who are precious to me.

None of this happens for everybody.

I felt once again.

I felt I should live these precious everydays feeling grateful for this small happiness.
I really find it refreshing to see a (young) celebrity that doesn't take what she has for granted. Most people never learn what it means to be humble.

Continuing again,
When people are supported by their comrades, they can climb over great difficulty.

I believe in that too.

You just can't live through life by yourself.

And I don't feel that anyone is alone.
Looks like Maimi isn't the only wise one of the group. At this point in the blog post, I'm about ready to cry, but Airi continues,
I feel there are a lot of people who have ended up having to part ways in these painful days
to their family, friends, lovers and people important to them,

At this time
I pray for the great pain to become smaller, even just a little bit
and everyone to have love and support each other.
And then she finishes with,
I look forward to the day I can meet everyone with smiles.
I have to say, those three blog posts were very touching. They wrote their blog posts from the heart and I felt a little of what they must have felt when they wrote them.


  1. expected from our C-ute <333
    those messages made me cry T^T

  2. They wrote beautiful words (as expected).

    I was waiting her words since 03/11...i was worried

  3. Their words definitely have an impact on me. I'm glad they( and hopefully their families) are safe. My heart goes out to Japan.