Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mobekimasu sort round 2!

I haven't had much time to post as of late because of exams but after Monday I'll be back to normal. So here is a relatively quick one about a game I talked about earlier this year where you rank your favorite Mobekimasu members.

Here is my ranking:

1. Airi
2. Captain
3. Miyaaaaaaaaaaa
4. Chisato
5. Momo
6. Mai
7. Maimi
8. Nakky
9. Rihoriho
10. Sayu
11. Zukki
12. Risako
13. Ikuta Erina
14. Mizuki
15. Manoeri
16. Risa
17. Yurina
18. Kanyon
19. Reina
20. Chinami
21. Yuuka
22. Meimi
23. DAWA
24. Kudo Haruka
25. Maasa
26. Aika
27. Takechan
28. Masaki
29. Haruna
30. Ishida Ayumi
31. Katsuta Rina
32. Nakanishi Kana

This is quite a change from earlier this year. Captain had managed to beat Airi slightly before, but not this time around. Sayu dropped down a bit and Nakky made her first appearance in my top 10. KY Ikuta managed to get out of the dreaded last spot to 13. Plus many other changes.

If you want to play along, first go here:

1. You will see two pictures of two random H!P members (all of the current MBKMS members are there). Out of the two pictures, click on the girl you like better.

2. Wait until the next two pictures load and do it again dozens of times.

3. Cry when faced with impossible decisions.

4. Be amazed by your results.

If anyone needs help with kanji to romaji translations, post your list here (you can also just google image the kanji) and I'll help.


  1. I really hope I don't get Airi/Miyabi/Momoko against each other! IT'S FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE TO CHOOSE!

  2. ...and it happened. I didn't realize how long the quiz would be. XD

    Ok, so if anyone cares, these were my results:

    1. Suzuki Airi
    2. Natsuyaki Miyabi
    3. Tsugunaga Momoko
    4. Tanaka Reina
    5. Takeuchi Akari
    6. Maeda Yuuka
    7. Mitsui Aika (mostly because I kept confusing her with Chinami... yeah, I'm stupid; but I do like Aika!)
    8. Niigaki Risa
    9. Hagiwara Mai
    10. Suzuki Kanon
    11. Sudou Maasa
    12. Tamura Meimi
    13. Sugaya Risako
    14. Nakanishi Kana
    15. Mano Erina
    16. Wada Ayaka
    17. Tokunaga Chinami
    18. Nakajima Saki
    19. Fukuda Kanon
    20. Katsuta Rina
    21. Iikubo Haruna
    22. Yajima Maimi
    23. Michishige Sayumi
    24. Sayashi Riho
    25. Shimizu Saki
    26. Ishida Ayumi
    27. Okai Chisato
    28. Sato Masaki
    29. Ikuta Erina
    30. Kumai Yurina
    31. Kudo Haruka
    32. Fukumura Mizuki

    Sorry if I made any mistakes. :D

  3. I prefer this one, since it allows for draws

  4. Nice, I always want to rank my favorite to least favorite H!P member
    Here's my result which I think is pretty accurate.

    1. Sayu
    2. Yuuka
    3. Riho
    4. Mizuki
    5. Masaki
    6. Reina
    Erina Mano
    Erina Ikuta
    Saki Shimizu
    Kanon Susuki
    Saki Nakajima

  5. I feel like sharing even though it's unnecessary. My top 5 are pretty much spot on and the rest is somewhat correct.

    001. Fukumura Mizuki
    02. Michishige Sayumi
    03. Yajima Maimi
    04. Mano Erina
    05. Okai Chisato
    06. Takeuchi Akari
    07. Nakajima Saki
    08. Fukuda Kanon
    09. Suzuki Kanon
    10. Maeda Yuuka
    11. Suzuki Airi
    12. Mitsui Aika
    13. Ishida Ayumi
    14. Sayashi Riho
    15. Tokunaga Chinami
    16. Natsuyaki Miyabi
    17. Sato Masaki
    18. Niigaki Risa
    19. Tamura Meimi
    20. Hagiwara Mai
    21. Kudo Haruka
    22. Tanaka Reina
    23. Ikuta Erina
    24. Tsugunaga Momoko
    25. Wada Ayaka
    26. Nakanishi Kana
    27. Iikubo Haruna
    28. Kumai Yurina
    29. Katsuta Rina
    30. Shimizu Saki
    31. Sugaya Risako
    32. Sudou Maasa

  6. I got Yuuka Maeda, Airi Suzuki, Miyabi Natsuyaki (Top 3) :'D

  7. This is my ranking. <3
    And damnit, there were really tough choices I had to make too. ;w; A few of the tough choices (for me) were between Sayumin and Airi, Airi and Yuukarin, Suzuki Kanon and Ikuta. </3 But I voted for Sayumin each time, anyways. XD
    Honestly, Riho would've beat the crap out of Ikuta but lately, I'm loving Ikuta more than Riho (after watching her on OhaStar). :3

    1. Michishige Sayumi
    2. Suzuki Airi
    3. Maeda Yuuka
    4. Ikuta Erina
    5. Sayashi Riho
    6. Suzuki Kanon
    7. Mano Erina
    8. Niigaki Risa
    9. Kudo Haruka
    10. Wada Ayaka
    11. Ishida Ayumi
    12. Fukumura Mizuki
    13. Tsugunaga Momoko
    14. Nakajima Saki
    15. Iikubo Haruna
    16. Natsuyaki Miyabi
    17. Yajima Maimi
    18. Sugaya Risako
    19. Kumai Yurina
    20. Takeuchi Akari
    21. Shimizu Saki
    22. Tamura Meimi
    23. Tanaka Reina
    24. Hagiwara Mai
    25. Okai Chisato
    26. Katsuta Rina
    27. Mitsui Aika
    28. Tokunaga Chinami
    29. Fukuda Kanon
    30. Nakanishi Kana
    31. Sato Masaki
    32. Sudou Maasa

  8. I would appreciate some translations, google made a real hash out of some of these. For ex #7 got trans as "yumi road weight".

    1位   矢島 舞美 -Maimi
    2位   真野恵里菜 -Erina Mano
    3位   田中れいな -Reina
    4位   前田 憂佳 -?
    5位   清水 佐紀 -Saki Shimizu
    6位   菅谷梨沙子 -Risako
    7位   道重さゆみ -?
    8位   岡井 千聖 -Chisato
    9位   萩原 舞  -Mai Hagiwara
    10位   新垣 里沙 -Risa Nigaki
    11位   生田衣梨奈 -?
    12位   中島 早貴 -?
    13位   夏焼 雅  -?
    14位   嗣永 桃子 -Momoko
    15位   鈴木 香音 -?
    16位   光井 愛佳 -Aika?
    17位   福田 花音 -?
    18位   鈴木 愛理 -Airi
    19位   竹内 朱莉 -?
    20位   須藤 茉麻 -Maasa
    21位   鞘師 里保 -?
    22位   熊井友理奈 -Yurina?
    23位   徳永千奈美 -Chinami
    24位   田村 芽実 -?
    25位   譜久村 聖 -?
    26位   中西 香菜 -?
    27位   工藤 遥  -Haruka
    28位   勝田 里奈 -?
    29位   和田 彩花 -Wada
    30位   佐藤 優樹 -?
    31位   石田亜佑美 -?
    32位   飯窪 春菜 -Haruna

  9. I hope you don't mind me helping RandomIdolFan out. Not being nosy and stuff like that. ><

    @RandomIdolFan: Here's your ranking. <3 I hope you didn't mind me helping you. D: Oh and Maimi's so pwetty~ X3

    1. Yajima Maimi
    2. Mano Erina
    3. Tanaka Reina
    4. Maeda Yuuka
    5. Shimizu Saki
    6. Sugaya Risako
    7. Michishige Sayumi
    8. Okai Chisato
    9. Hagiwara Mai
    10. Niigaki Risa
    11. Ikuta Erina
    12. Nakajima Saki
    13. Natsuyaki Miyabi
    14. Tsugunaga Momoko
    15. Suzuki Kanon
    16. Mitsui Aika
    17. Fukuda Kanon
    18. Suzuki Airi
    19. Takeuchi Akari
    20. Sudou Maasa
    21. Sayashi Riho
    22. Kumai Yurina
    23. Tokunaga Chinami
    24. Tamura Meimi
    25. Fukumura Mizuki
    26. Nakanishi Kana
    27. Kudo Haruka
    28. Katsuta Rina
    29. Wada Ayaka
    30. Sato Masaki
    31. Ishida Ayumi
    32. Iikubo Haruna

  10. Here's my list. It was very tough choices I had to make at some points.

    1. Chisato
    2. Moomo
    3. Airi
    4. Mai
    5. Miyabi
    6. Nakky
    7. Maimi
    8. Kanon
    9. Aika
    10. Manoeri
    11. Captain
    12. Chinami
    13. Reina
    14. Sayu
    15. Yuuka
    16. Meimi
    17. Risa
    18. Zukki
    19. Eripon
    20. Maasa
    21. Wada
    22. Riho
    23. Takeuchi
    24. Mizuki
    25. Yurina
    26. Haruka
    27. Masaki
    28. Risako
    29. Kana
    30. Rina
    31. Ayumi
    32. Haruna

  11. 1 Mizuki <3
    2 Fukuda Kanon 
    3 Haruka  
    4 Airi 
    5 Captain 
    6 Aika
    7 Riho 
    8 Momoko 
    9 Ishida Ayumi
    10 Yuukarin 
    11 Sayumi 
    12 Manoeri 
    13 Miyabi 
    14 Satou Masaki 
    15 Ikuta Erina 
    16 Chisato 
    17 Suzuki Kanon 
    18 Risa 
    19 Takeuchi Akari 
    20 Tamura Meimi 
    21 Nakanishi Kana 
    22 Maasa 
    23 Reina 
    24 Katsuta Rina
    25 Wada Ayaka
    26 Risako 
    27 Yurina 
    28 Ikubo Haruka 
    29 Mai  
    30 Nakajima Saki 
    31 Maimi 
    32 Chinami

  12. They should invent one with all former and actual Morning Musume (^^ )

  13. They made me choose between akari and Meimi twice!!!!
    This game was pure evil

  14. 1 Mizuki (absolute fav, no questions)
    2 Mano (never realised i like her that much O_o)
    3 Reina (same as Mano O_o)
    4 Maimi
    5 Airi
    6 Ayaka (suprised she and yuka are above Mai)
    7 Yuuka
    8 Mai
    9 Saki.S
    10 Sayumi
    11 Aika
    12 Chisato
    13 Erina
    14 Kanon.S
    15 Riho
    16 Risa
    17 Yurina
    18 Risako
    19 Saki.N
    20 Akari
    21 Maasa
    22 Kanon.F
    23 Momoko
    24 Miyabi
    25 Haruna
    26 Haruka
    27 Chinami
    28 Meimi
    29 Masaki
    30 Kana
    31 Ayumi
    32 Rina

    Weird thing is that my top 5 seems solid, since i always seem to get the same O_o(i did other similar tests). Anyway, was quite a lot of fun

  15. 01. Ayaka Wada
    02. Yuuka Maeda
    03. Airi Suzuki
    04. Sayumi Michishige
    05. Maimi Yajima
    06. Mizuki Fukumura
    07. Kanon Fukuda
    08. Reina Tanaka
    09. Risa Niigaki
    10. Chisato Okai
    11. Akari Takeuchi
    12. Saki Shimizu
    13. Kanon Suzuki
    14. Erina Ikuta
    15. Riho Sayashi
    16. Ayumi Ishida
    17. Meimi Tamura
    18. Masaki Sato
    19. Risako Sugaya
    20. Rina Katsuta
    21. Mai Hagiwara
    22. Kana Nakanishi
    23. Yurina Kumai
    24. Saki Nakajima
    25. Haruka Kudou
    26. Erina Mano
    27. Haruna Iikubo
    28. Aika Mitsui
    29. Miyabi Natsuyaki
    30. Momoko Tsugunaga
    31. Maasa Sudou
    32. Chinami Tokunaga

  16. I think it's interesting to see what favourits other people have!

    1.Mitsui Aika (I like her A LOT lately, it's almost unnormal)
    2.Mano Erina (Yay Manoeri! Love her!)
    3.Suzuki Airi(What?! Why so low Airi q.q)
    4.Niigaki Risa
    5.Tanaka Reina (Why does Reina always end up higher than Sayumi? I actually prefer Sayu...)
    6.Ishida Ayumi (Surprised me a bit. I like her natrual personality, and she's damn talented.)
    7.Michishige Sayumi
    8.Kumai Yurina
    9.Hagiwara Mai  
    10.Natsuyaki Miyabi
    11.Maeda Yuuka (I will miss her so much T.T)
    12.Fukumura Mizuki
    13.Shimizu Saki
    14.Ikuta Erina
    15.Fukuda Kanon  
    16.Okai Chisato
    17.Yajima Maimi
    18.Takeuchi Akari 
    19.Suzuki Kanon
    20.Tokunaga Chinami (Why is Chinami so low?)
    21.Sudou Maasa (Same as Chinami, Maasa is awesome)
    22.Kudou Haruka (She will rank higher once I know her better)
    23.Sugaya Risako
    24.Sato Masaki
    25.Tsugunaga Momoko
    26.Sayashi Riho (I don't have a problem with her, don't know why she's in this position)
    27.Nakajima Saki
    28.Tamura Meimi
    29.Wada Ayaka (I feel sorry for her u.u)
    30.Nakanishi Kana
    31.Iikubo Haruna (urgh. She's older than me and speeks like... don't know. I don't like her personality that much)
    32.Katsuta Rina (I don't know her, she seems to be very shy)

  17. Here's Mine! The hardest choice was between Aika, Momoko and Katsuta... I hate them!! But I didn't know wich one I hated the most...

    1鈴木 愛理 Airi's my all time fav!
    2鞘師 里保 Riho won my heart really quick!
    3田中れいな Reina... Not sure.
    4新垣 里沙 Risa... Go H!P Leader!
    5道重さゆみ Sayu should be 3...
    6工藤 遥  Kudou... I have hope on her!
    7田村 芽実 Meimi is so darn cute!
    8福田 花音 Cinderellaaaaa!! ♥
    9徳永千奈美 Chii's my fav Berryz with Captain...
    10清水 佐紀 
    11譜久村 聖 
    12前田 憂佳 Yuuka lost point with this sudden grad announcement... 
    14萩原 舞  
    17矢島 舞美 
    19和田 彩花 
    20鈴木 香音 
    21岡井 千聖 
    22中島 早貴 
    23須藤 茉麻 
    24夏焼 雅  
    25中西 香菜 
    27竹内 朱莉 
    28飯窪 春菜 
    29佐藤 優樹 
    30嗣永 桃子 
    31光井 愛佳 
    32勝田 里奈

  18. Now I want one of this with every H!P member, past and present... That would be awesome!

  19. My Top 32! The Top 10 is Perfect in correct order!
    1. Okai Chisato
    2. Suzuki Kanon
    3. Kudo Haruka
    4. Fukuda Kanon
    5. Tsugunaga Momoko
    6. Hagiwara Mai
    7. Tanaka Reina
    8. Temura Meimi
    9. Takeuchi Akari
    10. Niigaki Risa
    11. Yajima Maimi
    12. Natsuyaki Niyabi
    13. Sudou Massa
    14. Sugayo Risako
    15. Suzuki Airi
    16. Shimizu Saki
    17. Kumai Yurina
    18. Nakanishi Kana
    19. Wada Ayaka
    20. Iikubo Haruna
    21. Nakajima Saki
    22. Fukumura Mizuki
    23. Maeda Yuuka
    24. Ikuta Erina
    25. Sayashi Riho
    26. Mitsui Aika
    27. Katsura Rina
    28. Michishige Sayumi
    29. Mano Erina
    30. Ishida Ayumi
    31. Tokunaga Chinami
    32. Sato Masaki

  20. My Second Go around!
    1. Kudo Haruka ( My favorite Hello! Project Egg next to my Miyamoto Karin! Harka owns and will always be my favorite! Aim High and conquer my Haruruu kudu! <3 <3 <3!)
    2. Okai Chisato ( My favorite idol! I want to be like yooou. You are cool and sweet and beautiful! Awesome voice too! <3 <3 <3)
    3. Suzuki Kanon (My Zukkkkiii! OMG! I love you my Zukki you funny gorgeous beauty! <3 <3 <3)
    4. Temura Meimin ( I hope that she excel. My cute MeiMei! Just like my MaiMai! <3 <3)
    5. Tsugunaga Momoko (My cute, funny, and Talented Momo. I love yoou Momochi! <3 <3)
    6. Tanaka Reina (My gorgeous out-going Western Personality. I idolize you! <3 <3)
    7. Fukuda Kanon ( My Cinderllaaa. I wuvs yoou my Kanondoll.<3<3)
    8. Hagiwara Mai (I love my glasses wearing Mai! <3)
    9. Takeuchi Akari (She is my baby I love Take-chan! <3<3)
    10. Sugaya Risako
    11. Nakanishi Kana
    12. Sudou Massa
    13. Niigaki Risa (Her Positioned changed but I love her gorgeousness.)
    14. Yajima Maimi
    15. Kumai Yurina
    16. Shimizu Saki
    17. Natusyaki Miyabi
    18. Iikubo Haruna
    19. Wada Ayaka
    20. Ikuta Erina (Still not sure who she is but her cuteness is attracting my attention)
    21. Suzuki Airi
    22.Nakajima Saki
    23. Maeda Yuuka
    24. Fukumura Mizuki
    25. Sayashi Riho ( I don’t hate her, Im just not a huge fan.)
    26. Michishige Sayumi
    27. Mano Erina
    28. Mitsui Aika
    29. Sato Masaki ( She is ditzy and yet I like her.)
    30. Tokunaga Chinami
    31. Ishida Ayumi (Idk, I like her but shes a tad too low)
    32. Katsura Rina ( She bores me and wont open up. That’ll change though I’m sure.)

  21. Here is mine, 10th Gen really didn't get much help from me since I don't know them that well...

    1. Suzuki Airi
    2. Shimizu Saki
    3. Tsugunaga Momoko
    4. Tanaka Reina
    5. Nakanishi Kana
    6. Ikuta Erina
    7. Michishige SAyumi
    8. Niigaki Risa
    9. Kumai Yurina
    10. Sudo Maasa
    11. Nakajima Saki
    12. Endo Haruka
    13. Fukumura Mizuki
    14. Sayashi Riho
    15. Sato Masaki
    16. Suzuki Kanon
    17. Natsuyaki Miyabi
    18. Takeuchi Akari
    19. Sugaya Risako
    20. Okai Chisato
    21. Iikubo Haruna
    22. Maeda Yuka
    23. Tokunaga Chinami
    24. Katsuta Rina
    25. Tamura Meimi
    26. Ishida Ayumi
    27. Hagiwara Mai
    28. Yajima Maimi
    29. Fukuda Kanon
    30. Wada Ayaka
    31. Mitsui Aika
    32. Mano Erina

    Top 10 and bottom 5 are where they should be lol

  22. Here's mine (Yes, my top 3 forever correct):
    1) Natsuyaki Miyabi
    2) Nakajima Saki
    3) Wada Ayaka
    4) Tanaka Reina
    5) Fukuda Kanon
    6) Fukumura Mizuki
    7) Ikubo Haruna
    8) Niigaki Risa
    9) Michishige Sayumi
    10) Maeda Yuuka
    11) Tamura Meimi
    12) Shimizu Saki
    13) Ikuta Erina
    14) Mitsui Aika
    15) Tokunaga Chinami
    16) Sugaya Risako
    17) Suzuki Kanon
    18) Mano Erina
    19) Kumai Yurina
    20) Sudo Maasa
    21) Sato Masaki
    22) Suzuki Airi
    23) Okai Chisato
    24) Yajima Maimi
    25) Kudo Haruka
    26) Nakanishi Kana
    27) Tsugumaga Momoko
    28) Katsuta Rina
    29) Takeuchi Akari
    30) Ishida Ayumi
    31) Hagiwara Mai
    32) Sayashi Riho

    Everything but the top 3 and last 2 are..... in a giant jumble. I have no idea what even happened xD
    I know for sure that like 7 of them need to be higher than Reina, I have no idea how she got up so high, I may have clicked her a few times by accident, because I would not have clicked her over Niigaki.

  23. Huh, for some reason I thought you liked Kana.

    Mine are:

    01: Eripon
    02: Haruka
    03: Momoko
    04: Riho
    05: Maasa
    06: Risa
    07: Ayumi
    08: Sayumi
    09: Chisato
    10: Nakky
    11: Meimi
    12: Captain
    13: Airi
    14: Akari
    15: Maimi
    16: Kanon
    17: Risako
    18: Mai
    19: Reina
    20: Zukki
    21: Mizuki
    22: Yuuka
    23: Miyabi
    24: Ayaka
    25: Yurina
    26: Haruna
    27: Rina
    28: Chinami
    29: Masaki
    30: Erina
    31: Aika
    32: Kana

  24. 1 Airiiiiinnn (it's obvious lol)
    2 Yukarin :'D
    3 Reina
    4 Risako 
    5 Riho (This girl steals the Ai-chan spot) 
    6 Cinderella Kannyon    
    7 Momo (Supposed to be chisa or maimi or maimai :/)    
    8 Maimai  
    9 Ishida Ayumi (Why so high? I mean I love her, but, maybe she should be switching her place with chisa now) 
    10 Captain
    11 Chisa (Why so low??) 
    12 Maimi (Should be switching place with momo) 
    13 Miyabi  
    14 Yurina
    15 Nakky  
    16 Sayumin
    17 Mizuki 
    18 Suzuki Kanon 
    19 Gaki (too low, but I do love the big 18 more, lol) 
    20 Kudou Haruka  
    21 Akari  
    22 佐藤 優樹 ( I dont know her)
    23 DAWA 
    24 Chii
    25 Ikuta Erina 
    26 勝田 里奈 ( I dont know her either)
    27 中西 香菜 ( Still havent known her)
    28 Mano (I dont like her, still too high ranking, sorry mano) 
    29 Maasaa
    30 田村 芽実 ( Who's this girl? But I think she's a long-hair one from S/mileage that I dont like) 
    31 Aika (Now, I say I hate her) 
    32 Haruna (I havent followed her, just dont really like her smile for now)

  25. ^
    22. Sato Masaki
    26. Katsuta Rina
    27. Nakanishi Kana
    30. Tamura Meimi

  26. Oh wow, it works well for the 5 first XD

    1 Airi
    2 Zukki
    3 Tanaka
    4 Captain
    5 Takeuchi

  27. 1位  道重さゆみ Sayu
    2位  田村 芽実 Meimi
    3位  前田 憂佳 Yuuka
    4位  鞘師 里保 Riho
    5位  福田 花音 Fukuda Kanon
    6位  中島 早貴 Nakky
    7位  萩原 舞 Mai-chan 
    8位  和田 彩花 DAWA
    9位  鈴木 香音 Suzuki Kanon 
    10位  徳永千奈美 Chinami
    11位  田中れいな Reina
    12位  真野恵里菜 Mano Erina
    13位  工藤 遥  Kudou Haruka
    14位  竹内 朱莉 Takeuchi Akari
    15位  岡井 千聖 Chisato
    16位  鈴木 愛理 Airi
    17位  光井 愛佳 Aika
    18位  譜久村 聖 Mizuki 
    19位  飯窪 春菜 Iikubou Harunan 
    20位  中西 香菜 Nakanishi Kana
    21位  菅谷梨沙子 Risako
    22位  熊井友理奈 Kumaicho
    23位  須藤 茉麻 Maasa
    24位  夏焼 雅 Miyabi 
    25位  新垣 里沙 Niigaki
    26位  石田亜佑美 Ishida Ayumi 
    27位  佐藤 優樹 Masaki
    28位  矢島 舞美 Maimi
    29位  清水 佐紀 Shimizu Saki 
    30位  生田衣梨奈 Ikuta Erina
    31位  勝田 里奈 Rinappu 
    32位  嗣永 桃子 Momoko

  28. Just gonna post my Top 13 result, which I think accurate, though there are some tough decision, like MomoVSMaimi, MomoVSChisa, and RihoVSYuka

    1. Airi (This is definite, cant be changed, LOL.)
    2. Yuuka
    3. Reina
    (it appears that my top3 hasnt changed yet, and it perfectly accurates)
    4. RihoRiho
    5. Risako
    (My top 5 also unbelieavably accurate)
    6. Chisa
    7. Ishida Ayumi (I love this girl, she's new but I've got a feeling she's gonna be BOMB someday)
    8. Momoko
    9. Captain
    10. Maimi
    11. Miyabi
    12. Sayumin
    13. Maimai

    The rests are random results, who I just dont pick because these 13 girls appear.

  29. I love these ranking stuff. Thanks for sharing :)

  30. I wonder how long will it takes if there was an AKB version...

  31. Mine is...

    1. Momoko (I knew it)
    2. Airi
    3. Miyabi
    (Buono! is always my top3)

    4. Haruka (new face here)
    5. Riho (never thought I like her this much ;])
    6. Chisato
    7. Risako
    8. Mizuki
    9. Fukuda Kanon
    10. Reina
    11. Meimei
    12. Ikuta
    13. Yuuka
    14. Haruna
    15. Ishida
    16. Risa
    17. Sayumi
    18. Maimi
    19. Captain
    20. Masaki
    21. Aika
    22. Kanon
    23. Chinami
    24. Takechan
    25. Mano Erina
    26. Yurina
    27. Maasa
    28. Wada
    29. Maimai
    30. Saki
    31. + 32. 2 S/mileage girls that I'm not even remember their names

  32. 1位   新垣 里沙 
    2位   工藤 遥  
    3位   道重さゆみ 
    4位   鈴木 香音 
    5位   前田 憂佳 
    6位   飯窪 春菜 
    7位   譜久村 聖 
    8位   中島 早貴 
    9位   鈴木 愛理 
    10位   石田亜佑美 
    11位   清水 佐紀 
    12位   萩原 舞  
    13位   菅谷梨沙子 
    14位   真野恵里菜 
    15位   田中れいな 
    16位   生田衣梨奈 
    17位   須藤 茉麻 
    18位   和田 彩花 
    19位   鞘師 里保 
    20位   光井 愛佳 
    21位   矢島 舞美 
    22位   徳永千奈美 
    23位   岡井 千聖 
    24位   熊井友理奈 
    25位   福田 花音 
    26位   中西 香菜 
    27位   竹内 朱莉 
    28位   田村 芽実 
    29位   勝田 里奈 
    30位   夏焼 雅  
    31位   佐藤 優樹 
    32位   嗣永 桃子

  33. Not too surprised, other than Reina beating out Aika to be in the top 5 - I think it's just because Aika's been absent lately. My lower ones are more "I haven't seen you/don't pay attention" rather than actual dislike. I love ALL the girls. Also, Airi really ought to be up there with Sayumi and Yuuka.
    1. Riho
    2. Maimi
    3. Mano
    4. Reina
    5. Kumaicho
    6. Aika
    7. Gaki
    8. Kuduu
    9. Akari
    10. Chissa
    11. Risako
    12. Mizupon
    13. Eripon
    14. Momo
    15. Maasa
    16. Sayumin
    17. Yuuka
    18. Haruna
    19. Miya
    20. Captain
    21. Ayumi
    22. F. Kanon
    23. Maimai
    24. Dawa
    25. Masaki
    26. Airi
    27. Chinami
    28. S. Kanon
    29. Nakky
    30. Kana
    31. Rina
    32. Meimei

  34. My ranking:

    1位   新垣 里沙 
    2位   光井 愛佳 
    3位   菅谷梨沙子 
    4位   田中れいな 
    5位   鈴木 愛理 
    6位   清水 佐紀 
    7位   鞘師 里保 
    8位   道重さゆみ 
    9位   萩原 舞  
    10位   矢島 舞美 
    11位   石田亜佑美 
    12位   夏焼 雅  
    13位   須藤 茉麻 
    14位   譜久村 聖 
    15位   前田 憂佳 
    16位   工藤 遥  
    17位   生田衣梨奈 
    18位   鈴木 香音 
    19位   真野恵里菜 
    20位   田村 芽実 
    21位   中島 早貴 
    22位   福田 花音 
    23位   徳永千奈美 
    24位   熊井友理奈 
    25位   和田 彩花 
    26位   岡井 千聖 
    27位   中西 香菜 
    28位   飯窪 春菜 
    29位   竹内 朱莉 
    30位   嗣永 桃子 
    31位   勝田 里奈 
    32位   佐藤 優樹 

    By the way ... is there one for the Elder Club? Would love to do that. I love such rankings ❤

  35. 1位   鈴木 香音 
    2位   新垣 里沙 
    3位   鞘師 里保 
    4位   譜久村 聖 
    5位   光井 愛佳 
    6位   道重さゆみ 
    7位   生田衣梨奈 
    8位   佐藤 優樹 
    9位   福田 花音 
    10位   工藤 遥  
    11位   和田 彩花 
    12位   飯窪 春菜 
    13位   竹内 朱莉 
    14位   田中れいな 
    15位   石田亜佑美 
    16位   前田 憂佳 
    17位   田村 芽実 
    18位   須藤 茉麻 
    19位   熊井友理奈 
    20位   中西 香菜 
    21位   勝田 里奈 
    22位   岡井 千聖 
    23位   菅谷梨沙子 
    24位   矢島 舞美 
    25位   萩原 舞  
    26位   鈴木 愛理 
    27位   中島 早貴 
    28位   真野恵里菜 
    29位   夏焼 雅  
    30位   徳永千奈美 
    31位   清水 佐紀 
    32位   嗣永 桃子

    I only know that Suzuki was first... which is defs right because she's my fav in all of hello project, but i don't know the order of everyone else
    anyone help me please??

    reply saying: to juu :)
    juu is my nickname so i know which is mine!

  36. 1: F. Kanon
    2: S. Kanon (lol I love the Non's)
    3: Maasa
    4: Chisato
    5: Akari
    6: Ikuta
    7: N. Saki
    8: Yuukarin
    9: Gaki
    10: Mizuki
    11: Masaki
    12: Captain
    13: Airi
    14: Daishi
    15: Meimei
    16: Dawa
    17: Haruka
    18: Kanana
    19: Haruna
    20: Reina
    21: Maimi
    22: Risako
    23: Katsuta Rina
    24: Miyabi
    25: Kumai
    26: Hagiwara Mai
    27: Riho
    28: Aika
    29: Mano
    30: Chinami
    31: Sayumi
    32: Momochi (lolol)

    Oh, my list.
    If she was still in H!P, 1-30 would be Ai.
    Give the other two spots to my least favorites.

  37. @美砂ちゃん★彡

    I don't mind at all, thanks for the help.

    An all-time HP poll would be really tough to do, so many close matches.

    Not surprised that 10th gen is at the bottom, except for Haruka I really don't care for them.

  38. @Mirai: Yours was...

    1.Niigaki Risa
    2.Kudou Haruka
    3.Michishige Sayumi
    4.Suzuki Kanon
    5.Maeda Yuuka
    6.Iikubo Haruna
    7.Fukumura Mizuki
    8.Nakajima Saki
    9.Suzuki Airi
    10.Ishida Ayumi
    11.Shimizu Saki
    12.Hagiwara Mai
    13.Sugaya Risako
    14.Mano Erina
    15.Tanaka Reina
    16.Ikuta Erina
    17.Sudou Maasa
    18.Wada Ayaka
    19.Sayashi Riho
    20.Mitsui Aika
    21.Yajima Maimi
    22.Tokunaga Chinami
    23.Okai Chisato
    24.Kumai Yurina
    25.Fukuda Kanon
    26.Nakanishi Kana
    27.Takeuchi Akari
    28.Tamura Meimi
    29.Katsuta Rina
    30.Natsuyaki Miyabi
    31.Satou Masaki
    32.Tsugunaga Momoko

  39. @Anon (with the elders club thing): Yours was…
    1.Niigaki Risa
    2.Mitsui Aika
    3.Sugaya Risako
    4.Tanaka Reina
    5.Suzuki Kanon
    6.Shimizu Saki
    7.Sayashi Riho
    8.Michishige Sayumi
    9.Hagiwara Mai
    10.Yajima Maimi
    11.Ishida Ayumi
    12.Natsuyaki Miyabi
    13.Sudou Maasa
    14.Fukumura Mizuki
    15.Maeda Yuuka
    16.Kudou Haruka
    17.Ikuta Erina
    18.Suzuki Kanon
    19.Mano Erina
    20.Tamura Meimi
    21.Nakajima Saki
    22.Fukuda Kanon
    23.Tokunaga Chinami
    24.Kumai Yurina
    25.Wada Ayaka
    26.Okai Chisato
    27.Nakanishi Kana
    28.Iikubo Haruna
    29.Takeuchi Akari
    30.Tsugunaga Momoko
    31.Katsuta Rina
    32.Satou Masaki

  40. @Juu: Yours was…
    1.Suzuki Kanon
    2.Niigaki Risa
    3.Sayashi Riho
    4.Fukumura Mizuki
    5.Mitsui Aika
    6.Michishige Sayumi
    7.Ikuta Erina
    8.Satou Masaki
    9.Fukuda Kanon
    10.Kudou Haruka
    11.Wada Ayaka
    12.Iikubo Haruna
    13.Takeuchi Akari
    14.Tanaka Reina
    15.Ishida Ayumi
    16.Maeda Yuuka
    17.Tamura Meimi
    18.Sudou Maasa
    19.Kumai Yurina
    20.Nakanishi Kana
    21.Katsuta Rina
    22.Okai Chisato
    23.Sugaya Risako
    24.Yajima Maimi
    25.Hagiwara Mai
    26.Suzuki Airi
    27.Nakajima Saki
    28.Mano Erina
    29.Natsuyaki Miyabi
    30.Tokunaga Chinami
    31.Shimizu Saki
    32.Tsugunaga Momoko

  41. Mine was ^_^ :


  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. 1. Ikuta Erina (definately my favourite)
    2. Sayumi (Love her)
    3. Suzuki Kanon (makes me smile)
    4. Sato Masaki (interested in her )
    5. Niigaki Risa (Didn't expect her to rank so highly)
    6. Haruka (didn't expect this)
    7. Maasa (thought she'd be lower)
    8. Ishida Ayumi (thought she'd be lower too)
    9. Wada Ayaka (another undexpectedly high person)
    10. Fukuda Kanon (unexpectedly high as well haha)
    11. Nakanishi Kana (this was expected)
    12. Riho (thought she would rank higher)
    13. Mitsui Aika
    14. Kumai Yurina
    15. Okai Chisato
    16. Takeuchi Akari
    17. Hagiwara Mai
    18. Tamura Meimi
    19. Shizumu Saki
    20. Mano Erina
    21. Tokunaga Chinami
    22. Katsuta Rina (thought she would be lower)
    23. Suzuki Airi
    24. Fukumura Mizuki
    25. Kudou Haruka
    26. Nakajima Saki (thought I liked her more than Airi Mizuki and Haruka
    27.Yajima Maimi
    28. Maeda Yuuka (her graduation dropped her a lot)
    29. Tanaka Reina
    30. Risako
    31. Momoko
    32. Miyabi

    The last 5 and the first 4 are correct
    Please forgive any spelling mistakes!

  44. 1. 田中れいな Tanaka Reina
    2. 鈴木 愛理 Suzuki Airi
    3. 清水 佐紀 Shimizu Saki
    4. 矢島 舞美 Yajima Maimi
    5. 岡井 千聖 Okai Chisato
    6. 鞘師 里保 Sayashi Riho
    7. 嗣永 桃子 Tsugunaga Momoko
    8. 中島 早貴 Nakajima Saki
    9. 夏焼 雅  Natsuyaki Miyabi
    10. 萩原 舞  Hagiwara Mai
    11. 新垣 里沙 Niigaki Risa
    12. 工藤 遥  Kudo Haruka
    13. 前田 憂佳 Maeda Yuuka
    14. 道重さゆみ Michishige Sayumi
    15. 真野恵里菜 Mano Erina
    16. 和田 彩花 Wada Ayaka
    17. 熊井友理奈 Kumi Yurina
    18. 徳永千奈美 Tokunaga Chinami
    19. 福田 花音 Fukuda Kanon
    20. 菅谷梨沙子 Sugaya Risako
    21. 鈴木 香音 Suzuki Kanon 
    22. 佐藤 優樹 Sato Masaki
    23. 勝田 里奈 Katsuta Rina
    24. 譜久村 聖 Fukumura Mizuki
    25. 光井 愛佳 Mitsui Aika
    26. 田村 芽実 Tamura Meimi
    27. 飯窪 春菜 Iikubo Haruna
    28. 石田亜佑美 Ishida Ayumi
    29. 須藤 茉麻 Sudou Maasa
    30. 生田衣梨奈 Ikuta Erina
    31. 中西 香菜 Nakanishi Kana
    32. 竹内 朱莉 Takeuchi Akari

  45. 1.Ikuta Erina <333
    2.Satou Masaki <333
    3.Suzuki Kanon<33
    4.Kudou Haruka
    5.Wada Ayaka
    6.Nakanishi Kana
    7.Fukuda Kanon
    8.Sayashi Riho
    9.Niigaki Risa
    10.Takeuchi Akari
    11.Iikubo Haruna
    12.Tamura Meimi
    13.Suzuki Airi
    14.Maeda Yuuka
    15.Hagiwara Mai
    16.Ishida Ayumi
    17.Fukumura Mizuki
    18.Okai Chisato
    19.Mitsui Aika
    20.Sugaya Risako
    21.Yajima Maimi
    22.Shimizu Saki
    23.Sudou Maasa
    24.Kumai Yurina
    25.Nakajima Saki
    26.Katsuta Rina
    27.Tokunaga Chinami
    28.Tanaka Reina
    29.Natsuyaki Miyabi
    30.Mano Erina
    31.Tsugunaga Momoko
    32.Michishige Sayumi

  46. My Top 32! Legit.
    Okai Chisato
    Suzuki Kanon
    Kudo Haruka
    Fukuda Kanon
    Tusgunaga Momoko
    Temura Meimi
    Takeuchi Akari
    Hagiwara Mai
    Tanaka Reina
    Nakanishi Kana
    My Perfect correct Top 10! Especially my top 5 those are dead on.

  47. My top 10: Riho - Mizuki - Chisa - Reina - Sayu - Airi - Masaki - Yuuka - Meimi - Momoko.

    Ayumi should get an honourary tied for 10th; she's awesome.

    Middle of the pack was C-ute, S/m & 10th gen.

    Bottom of the list was BK, Aika, & Risa, with ManoEri last.

    Pretty accurate.

  48. Finaly did mine. I copied every girl's Kanji down on paper just to get results. It took forever, but it was worth it. My list was:

    1. Gaki-san(it was obvious from the start she'd be first for me)
    2. Miya(my fav in Buono and in BK)
    3. Captain(my fav in BK also!)
    4.Haruna(she won me over instantly.)
    5. Maimi(always been one of my favs)
    6. Take-chan(instantly loved this girl when she joined S/mileage)
    7. Nakky(Nakky's awesome)
    8. Kanyon(Cinderella!!)
    9. Fuku-chan(she's moved up in these recent months and becoming one of my favs)
    10. Chisa
    11. Airi(she used to be my #1 fav, but she's gone down on the list after a few years)
    12. Maasa
    13. Sayudidn't used to like her. Mobekimasu tte Nani changed that)
    14. Yuukarin(gonna miss her)
    15. Aika(glad she's back)
    16. Manoeri
    17. Zukki
    18. Dawa
    19. Yurina
    20. Meimei(she's so cute!!)
    21. Ayumi(love watching her dance)
    22. Chinami(she should be above Yurina...hmm)
    23. Eripon
    24. Kana(surprised that she's in this spot)
    25. Haruka(thought she would have been above Kana)
    26. Momochi(also should be above Kana)
    27. Rina
    28. Risako(don't hate her, just kinda bored with her)
    29. Reina(same as Risako.)
    30. Masaki(she's still too shy.)
    31. Maimai
    32. Riho(I just really don't like her.)

  49. my list
    1.natsuyaki miyabi
    2.niigaki risa
    3.fukumura mizuki
    4.ikuta erina
    5. yajima maimi
    6.kumai yurina
    7.sudo maasa
    8.shimizu saki
    9.mitsui aika
    10.michishige sayumi
    11.tanaka reina
    12.sugaya risako
    13.hagiwara mai
    14.maeda yuuka
    15.mano erina kanon
    17.tokunga chinami airi
    19.okai chisato
    20.nakajima saki
    21.fukuda kanon
    22.iikubo haruna
    23.tamura meimi
    24.sayashi riho
    25.wada ayaka
    26.nakanishi kana
    27.kudo haruka
    28.tsugunaga momoko
    29.ishida ayumi
    30.katsuta rina
    31.takeuchi akari
    32.sato masaki

  50. Yeah... Pretty much content with my list... especially when Nakky picture is on top.. ha... :)I only know 1-5...

    1位   中島 早貴 - Nakky
    2位   矢島 舞美 - Yajima
    3位   菅谷梨沙子 - Risako
    4位   岡井 千聖 - Chisato
    5位   清水 佐紀 - Captain
    6位   田中れいな -
    7位   鈴木 愛理 
    8位   真野恵里菜 
    9位   嗣永 桃子 
    10位   熊井友理奈 
    11位   徳永千奈美 
    12位   夏焼 雅  
    13位   鈴木 香音 
    14位   萩原 舞  
    15位   須藤 茉麻 
    16位   田村 芽実 
    17位   新垣 里沙 
    18位   鞘師 里保 
    19位   工藤 遥  
    20位   譜久村 聖 
    21位   生田衣梨奈 
    22位   前田 憂佳 
    23位   福田 花音 
    24位   佐藤 優樹 
    25位   勝田 里奈 
    26位   石田亜佑美 
    27位   竹内 朱莉 
    28位   和田 彩花 
    29位   光井 愛佳 
    30位   道重さゆみ 
    31位   飯窪 春菜 
    32位   中西 香菜

  51. can you help me please? pretty please. i know number one is my princess ^>^

    1位   須藤 茉麻 
    2位   生田衣梨奈 
    3位   道重さゆみ 
    4位   真野恵里菜 
    5位   岡井 千聖 
    6位   中島 早貴 
    7位   鈴木 香音 
    8位   田中れいな 
    9位   新垣 里沙 
    10位   中西 香菜 
    11位   福田 花音 
    12位   前田 憂佳 
    13位   鈴木 愛理 
    14位   矢島 舞美 
    15位   譜久村 聖 
    16位   田村 芽実 
    17位   和田 彩花 
    18位   熊井友理奈 
    19位   光井 愛佳 
    20位   夏焼 雅  
    21位   勝田 里奈 
    22位   清水 佐紀 
    23位   徳永千奈美 
    24位   竹内 朱莉 
    25位   菅谷梨沙子 
    26位   石田亜佑美 
    27位   萩原 舞  
    28位   飯窪 春菜 
    29位   工藤 遥  
    30位   嗣永 桃子 
    31位   佐藤 優樹 
    32位   鞘師 里保

  52. ^
    1. Maasa
    2. Ikuta
    3. Sayu
    4. Mano
    5. Chisato
    6. Nakky
    7. Zukki
    8. Reina
    9. Risa
    10. Nakanishi Kana
    11. Kanon
    12. Yuuka
    13. Airi
    14. Maimi
    15. Mizuki
    16. Meimi
    17. Wada Ayaka
    18. Yurina
    19. Aika
    20. Miyabi
    21. Katsuta Rina
    22. Captain
    23. Chinami
    24. Takeuchi Akari
    25. Risako
    26. Ishida Ayumi
    27. Mai
    28. Iikubo Haruna
    29. Kudo Haruka
    30. Momo
    31. Sato Masaki
    32. Riho

  53. 1. Risa Niigaki
    2. Haruka Kudo
    3. Maasa Sudou
    4. Riho Sayashi
    5. Ayaka Wada
    6. Airi Suzuki
    7. Erina Mano
    8. Yurina Kumai
    9. Kanon Suzuki
    10.Sayumi Michishige
    11.Mai Hagiwara
    12.Chisato Okai
    13.Momoko Tsugunaga
    14.Saki Nakajima
    15.Sugaya Risako
    16.Saki Shimizu
    17.Fukumura Mizuki
    18.Fukuda Kanon
    19.Chinami Togunaka
    20.Yoshitaka Maeda ( is this yuukarin or who is it)

  54. ソート結果


    1位   新垣 里沙 
    2位   須藤 茉麻 
    3位   鞘師 里保 
    4位   工藤 遥  
    5位   和田 彩花 
    6位   鈴木 愛理 
    7位   嗣永 桃子 
    8位   鈴木 香音 
    9位   道重さゆみ 
    10位   熊井友理奈 
    11位   萩原 舞  
    12位   真野恵里菜 
    13位   中島 早貴 
    14位   岡井 千聖 
    15位   菅谷梨沙子 
    16位   徳永千奈美 
    17位   前田 憂佳 
    18位   夏焼 雅  
    19位   譜久村 聖 
    20位   矢島 舞美 
    21位   佐藤 優樹 
    22位   光井 愛佳 
    23位   福田 花音 
    24位   清水 佐紀 
    25位   田中れいな 
    26位   石田亜佑美 
    27位   生田衣梨奈 
    28位   勝田 里奈 
    29位   田村 芽実 
    30位   飯窪 春菜 
    31位   中西 香菜 
    32位   竹内 朱莉

  55. I never really did one of these before, and none of you probably really care, but here are the results. Some of the rankings surprised me a bit. Oh, and to note, I did the one that Skoban posted ><.

    1. Niigaki Risa
    1. Sudou Maasa
    3. Kumai Yurina
    3. Fukuda Kanon
    5. Wada Ayaka
    6. Tokunaga Chinami
    7. Shimizu Saki
    8. Suzuki Kanon
    8. Okai Chisato
    10. Yajima Maimi
    11. Michishige Sayumi
    11. Tanaka Reina
    11. Kudou Haruka
    11. Tamura Meimi
    15. Nakajima Saki
    16. Ikuta Erina
    16. Iikubo Haruna
    18. Hagiwara Mai
    19. Sato Masaki
    19. Suzuki Airi
    19. Mano Erina
    22. Fukumura Mizuki
    22. Sayashi Riho
    22. Ishida Ayumi
    22. Sugaya Risako
    22. Katsuta Rina
    27. Mitsui Aika
    27. Tsugunaga Momoko
    27. Maeda Yuuka
    30. Natsuyaki Miyabi
    31. Nakanishi Kana
    31. Takeuchi Akari

    Most of it was as expected but I was surprised that Mitsui, Miyabi and Yuuka ranked so low. The top ten and bottom two were as I expected though; don't really know much about S/mileage 2nd gen currently except that I like Meimei.