Friday, December 16, 2011

Buono!'s Hatsukoi Cider PV

From the official Buono! channel is one half of the double A-side releasing in January, Hatsukoi Cider.

Airi starts things off with wonderful vocals as usual.

And then moving on to Miyaaaaaaaa (whose haircut I do not approve of, but hat-san saves the day)

and of course Momo as well (whose hairstyle is awesome in this PV).

Watching this PV, I almost forgot that it's for a H!P group. If I didn't know better, I'd think it was for a random J-band, and that's a good thing. I think this PV is very professionally done but still has some Buono! playfulness thrown in.

One of the standout moments of it all is this weird, universe transcending zooming action. First there's lovely Momo thighs and...


oh hey there's Airi.

and moar zooming reveals Miya looking cool.

omg she looked at me

This happens twice in the PV. Here's a gif of the second time:

And now that I've run out of screenshots and things to say, here's the rest of the gifs I made.

Miya kiss:

Miya wink:

Airi kiss spam:

And Buono! haato together:

Download link:

Streaming via the official channel:

And don't forget to support Buono! by buying this single!


  1. I was wondering when you would post about this. ;)

    I really hope this single sells well! They have been selling less and less since Shugo Chara ended... I hope I can earn enough money to at LESAT buy it from iTunes when it comes out! (I'm constantly broke these days)

  2. Actually, let me correct that statement, because their single sales have been steadily declining since their debut. (I need to do more research before I comment next time)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the PV & making these amazing gifs :)

    I like how Buono! being all playful contrasts with the gray shooting set ^^

    And of course the zooming effects ♥

  4. I like the song, and the PV's really interesting, but I still miss my dance shots. Although I do think there's one for Deep Mind because they were dancing to it at that event.

  5. Don't like the song. But the MV is interesting.

  6. This is a really cool music video and song and cool Gif's