Sunday, December 18, 2011

C-ute's Cutest PB making of download link

Let me warn you right now: this PB is hot. Watching this video, or even looking at the previews may cause severe fangasms and/or fainting. You have been warned.

So this is an 18 minute look at C-ute's group photobook that released this month. There is a different (longer?) making of scheduled to be released at the end of January.

I don't think this can get any hotter, but we'll see when the alternative making DVD releases next year.

As you can see, the first scene features C-ute in white bikinis and is easily the hottest scene. After some bikini 2shots,

and sand drawing,

C-ute rejoins each other for another group shot before moving on to the next scene.

Next is a change to more creative swimsuits for poolside filming. From Mai,

to Maimi,



and Nakky,

everyone gets some solo time here before the group shot.

Afterwards, it's not quite time to leave the pool yet before showing off more bikinis.

Meanwhile, Chisato almost falls off a pogo stick,

Maimi has fun with bubbles,

and Nakky takes up basketball.

Together again, C-ute takes out a host of water guns and goes to war with the staff. Chisato means business.

As the day comes to a close, it's fireworks time at the beach,

before the C-ute sleepover.

Of course, you can't have a sleepover without a pillow fight.

Once everything is said and done, C-ute reveals their angelic sleeping faces as the screen fades to white.

That would've been a great way to end it, but there's still half a video left. After posing near a river,

C-ute changes into their seifuku.

I don't know what it is about glasses as a fashion accessory, but it somehow makes C-ute even prettier.

Moving on, C-ute has one final change of clothes.

To say that Nakky looks amazing there is an understatement and the rest of C-ute looks equally great.

My personal favorite of the bunch has to be Maichan's hair and outfit combination. Maybe it's because it could almost pass as a Misa cosplay.

Finally there is one more group shot and the making of video ends.

Note: I encoded this the other day but yesterday KIDS released a subtitled version. My encode looks better (and is smaller), but of course subtitles are always better. Grab whichever version you'd like.

My encode (222 MB):

KIDS subbed version (334 MB):



  1. AAAHHHHH they're all so pretty!!!!

    Can you please upload the streaming version? My computer always randomly decides to refresh all the windows before I've finished downloading.

  2. o.0 nakky....i wanna be at that pool

  3. WOW, C-ute are stunning as always. Great move in releasing it during this type of season because it will surely keep me warm all winter long.

  4. Loved MaiMai's red swimsuit...
    And.. Did you notice Airi's knees during the stylish session in the forest?? Even her foot looks like... bruised or something...

  5. My first thought of when seeing MaiMai was: "OMG Misa Misa cosplay <3 " Love it!

  6. Nakky looks best as bad-ass....OH YEAH

    It's me Meli~~~

  7. Has any one seen this tracklist for C-ute's new album??