Tuesday, December 13, 2011

S/mileage 2011 Fall concert + H!P Blu-ray PV collections donations

First off, we did not have enough for the Blu-ray of H!P 2011 Summer so I won't be buying that.

The next releases are S/mileage's 2011 Fall concert DVD as well as all of the group's Blu-ray PV collections.  

If you want to donate toward either of those, please send your donations to Airiindeshou@gmail.com now.

And don't forget to read the FAQ on how to donate.


  1. I've sent in $5 towards the S/mileage DVD

  2. I really would like to donate for this one!! XD ♥ ........mmmmmmm DX

  3. I've emailed everyone who donated so far.