Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[BD-RIP] Berryz HD PVs: Shining Power through Aa yo ga Akeru download links

The last of the HD Berryz Koubou PVs. I'll also be doing the SD PVs (they too will be 1280x720, but aren't true HD).

Here's Shining Power,

Heroine ni Narou ka!,

Ai no Dangan,

and Aa, yo ga Akeru.

Out of these, I think Shining Power looks the best. Blu-ray really brings the colors (and hawt Risako lip touching) to life.

In Heroine ni Narou ka!, the girl's shiny Gaga-esque outfits are highlights for me along with Captain self-groping.

Ai no Dangan looks the worst to me, but I expected that because the original SD PV that UFA released wasn't of great quality to begin with. Still, those outfits (and Berryz of course) are hot and blu-ray only makes them hotter.

Aa, yo ga Akeru turned out to have the smallest filesize of all of the HD PVs despite having used the same insane settings as the rest of the PVs (there isn't much "action" or movement really, which would be my guess why). But, that doesn't mean that it doesn't look as good as the rest. The girls themselves really stand out in this PV and every single one of them looks amazing.

Shining Power:

Heroine ni Narou ka!: Check the other post.

Ai no Dangan:

Aa, yo ga Akeru:

I didn't mention them in the filenames, but those are all 720p HD, as usual.


If you like these, why not buy the Blu-ray DVD? It's really cheap (for what you get) and is overall really well done. I really love UFA for this.


  1. um..i forgot how srsly hot Kumaichan looks in Shining Power omg.

  2. Shining Power looks great. It's the song that made me a Berryz fan and Kumai looked so beautiful in the pv.

  3. Thank you so much for uploading these! I love how Aa, Yo ga Akeru looks in HD!

  4. I saw Chinami raw butt in Shining Power...