Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[TPF] Airi's Classic (subbed) download link

The streak isn't over yet! Here's the Airi's Classic DVD.

This DVD is all about Airi playing golf. If you didn't know, her dad is a professional golfer, so Airi decided to give playing it a try in 2008.

If she succeeds in the golf challenge (by making par on at least 8 of the 18 holes), she will win a tasty lunch. If she fails, a nasty lunch awaits! Also, if she fails at any hole, a penalty game must be completed.

There is also a short making segment from her 6Gatsu no Kajitsu photobook after the credits are over, so don't turn the video off then!

Download link:

Streaming on the website.

Staff involved in this release:
Translation: Chiyo, SFGundam
Timing: gwbiasaaja
Editing: Aleria Carventus
Encoding: Airiindeshou


  1. Since you do a lot of the subs for hello project I wanted to ask if you could find the time to sub the the new drama coming out next year. It would really help everyone who doesn't speak japanese understand i.

  2. ^ we are planning to... whether we will do it is another story.

    We are also doing HelloPro TIME which is a weekly thing as well. So we might not have the time and the crew to do both at the same time.

  3. This is anon #2. Any subbed H!P, new or old, is better than no subs at all. Whatever you guys do next, I'm looking forward to them. Thank you again for all yur hard work!!!!!

  4. seriously this subbing group is one of the best hp-related things that have happened this year. but hey, please keep subbing haro pr0 time. i'm almost crying for it and if i wouldn't be this poor, i'd donate for it.