Wednesday, December 7, 2011

[BD-RIP] Buono! - Rock'n Buono! 4 Conncert 720p, 480p [MF Links Update]

My Blu-ray encode of Buono!'s 2011 summer Rock'n Buono!4 concert.

This is the first successful Airiindeshou DVD Donation Project, so thanks to Mewtwo1928 and Kuribohchan for their donations!

Because both of them donated at least $5, they will be entered in a contest to win this Blu-ray DVD. To find out how you can win prizes like this, read this on how to donate!

This concert was streamed live on Youtube months ago so I've already seen this concert and know how great it is, but that stream was horrible quality so it's nice to see it in HD. Watching this on a big HDTV with surround sound is really amazing. Buono! concerts are always awesome and this concert doesn't disappoint.

Although we may never get to see Miya rolling on the floor while performing Some Boys! Touch, Miya fanboys and fangirls alike will enjoy Frankincense. During it, there is no shortage of Miya touching,

Miya floor interaction,

and overall Buono! hotness.

Setlist (click on the picture to see it fullsize):

720p HD download links (3.21 GB):

480p (does not contain chapters):

Download all parts and join with 7zip, Winrar, or any similar program.

There is also some bonus footage but it's just 3 extra MCs.

720p bonus download link:


  1. Thanks so much for the hard work! I'll be waiting for the 480p encode.
    It seems my new desktop can't handle HQ 720p and higher videos without spastic skipping, though my old 2005 laptop could withstand it if needed. But it may be because I haven't installed my regular plefora of codecs yet.

  2. A big thank you for all the work you put in for us fans.

    A request on this one though - I just finished downloading the 720p, and 7zip tells me that the file is broken. There are 2 errors. Do you have any par2 files available?

  3. Part1
    and Part4
    CRC error.
    Only me?

  4. Yay, Buono live!!!! I was half-asleep while watching the concert stream since it was like 4 a.m so it be awesome to watch it while I am wide awake!

  5. Winrar says there's an error trying to extract the 1st file :(

  6. It extracts fine on my PC, but if you get an error try to just ignore it. In winrar, make sure "Keep broken files" is checked and 7zip should automatically ignore errors and leave you with the file.

    I'll download the parts using my own links and check them again though.

    And 480p + streaming added

  7. I got the errors as well, but just had 7zip do the extracting and I ended up with a valid file. Likely there'll be a little blip in there at some point and the world will keep a-spinnin'. :)

  8. I tried downloading it and got an error, which is weird because the original .rar files extract fine.

    For anyone that gets an error:

    If you use winrar, open part one and make sure "Keep broken files" is checked like this.

    If you use 7zip, it extracts fine without having to do anything special.

    You will still get errors but just ignore them. The video plays fine.

  9. Thank you so much, although i couldn't participate.. :(

  10. Updated with new links. There shouldn't be an error anymore *fingers crossed*

  11. Thanks for uploading and thank you to those that contributed to this too! Forever grateful to you guys!! <3

    Although I had to re-download Part 1 & 2, I'm glad the video finally runs properly. Thanks for re-uploading, Chris! The quality is just superb.

    m(_ _)m

  12. I couldn´t enter to the folder I don´t know why buy I´d prefer if you can put the individual links in order to I can download the concert please

  13. Why is it a "rar" file??

  14. Thank you for sharing. I love this concert!

  15. The part 1 can be played but the part 2 just stops after 4:50 mins. even though it is 1:45:00.. what to do? Also, how to joins parts using 7zip. Ty. :)))

  16. The part 1 plays perfectly but tge part 2 just stops after 4:50 mins.. even though it is stated thet its length is 1:45:00.. what do I need to do? Also, how do you join the parts in 7zip. Ty. :)))))

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  18. very much thank you
    please up more concerts
    sorry from my english

  19. noooooo, the links are down .......
    could you please reupload it