Monday, December 5, 2011

C-ute Cutie Circuit 2011 download link

Cute's annual C-ute no Hi concert.

I haven't watched yet so I can't really comment on it, but by skipping through it and looking at the setlist, I know that it's going to be a great watch. And for those who normally skip the MCs, well, don't. Or you'll miss awesome stuff like this:

And there's also a special guest that appears in MC3.

Cutie Circuit MCs are the best MCs.


There is also some bonus footage (a performance of Chou WONDERFUL and backstage footage).

Concert download links:

Download both parts and join with winrar, 7zip, or any similar program. It's 1 hour 44 minutes, 480p, 1.10 GB, and has chapters.

Bonus footage download link:

The bonus is 10 minutes long and 138 MB.

Streaming will be done processing in about an hour.


  1. When will you be starting the encoding for Rival Survival?

  2. thank you for sharing..maimai is soo cute in this QAQ

  3. Thank you for sharing. Good quality in good file size too.
    One question though, there's no audio commentary in this DVD?

  4. Would you like to give this concert a new mediafire link please?

  5. links broken, could you fix them? thank you!!!