Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Aichan's graduation concert donations

So Aichan's graduation concert is nearing release (the 28th) so I am now ready to collect donations for it.

For the Blu-ray:
If I order from CDJapan, it will be 10201 yen (about $130). Amazon Japan currently has it on sale so if I order from them it will be 8222 yen (about $109), but who knows how long they will keep that price.

For the normal DVD:
I need 6392yen (about $81).

Of course, I'm not buying both. How much money you guys donate will determine which version I buy. I have up to $60 I can spend towards this so I need about $50-70 for the blu-ray version (depending on if we get enough money to catch Amazon's sale) or $21 for the normal DVD.

Remember, as long as at least half of any DVD is paid for by donations, I will give it away to one of the donators who donated at least $5!

If you don't know how to donate, refer to the last question in this Q&A. Donations should be sent to Airiindeshou@gmail.com. I would prefer to have donations in by Saturday or Sunday.


  1. Your must visit

  2. At first I thought that there was a difference in content, but really it is just a difference in quality of picture, right? I finally get a bonus tomorrow, so once I see what it is that will determine how much I donate. I will be donating to this one as well :)

  3. ^ Yeah, I don't think there are any Blu-ray exclusives.

  4. Since you said you would give the dvd away if at least half the amount is paid by donators; what if one donator gave at least half, would you be willing to give the dvd to that particular donator? The reason I am asking is because I will eventually buy this dvd for myself and since I dont have a proper internet connection to upload anything, I wouldn't mind giving a larger contribution then. Please let me know how your donation system work in a case like this!! =)

  5. ^ I mean, I wouldn't mind giving a much larger contribution if I could have the dvd for sure (donation of more than 50%)

  6. Yes, that's exactly how it would work - if I paid for half and 1 single donator paid for the other half, that person would automatically win it.

    However, I just bought the blu-ray DVD a few minutes ago because I already received enough donations. If there is another DVD that you want to pay half for (and thus, it will be yours after I finish uploading), let me know.

  7. ^ Ok great! I will keep my eye out for future release althought *my* Morning Musume is not over with Takahashi leaving so I am not sure if I will be buying a lot in the future... But thanks anyways!