Saturday, March 31, 2012

Risa - Koisuru Game Park Kyundere 3/28/12 (full show)

So in case you don't know what this is, well, it's a show where Gakisan (and a few other celebs) play romantic games in pairs.

For example, there's this:

And that's probably the most innocent thing that happens between Risa and that guy (Yuji).

The game goes like this: first, all contestants select a ring that is attached to a red string. This red string links the female and male contestants to each other and determines who will be partners for this game.

And from there, the actual fun starts. Risa and Yuji's first game is called Silhouette Romance. The game is simple - after they are shown a silhouette, they must match the pose exactly (which lead to the lovely first picture in this post).

After that pose, they were challenged with two more silhouettes, each more daring than the last (which I won't ruin any further in this post; watching, not knowing what pose they will have to do is half the fun).

From there, Risa and Yuji's second game is called Trick of Blow (lol).

For this game, one part of each of the two contestants' faces is randomly selected,

Cheek and cheek for Risa and Yuji
which they must use to squish a red ball between the two of them (the ball is being blown in the air by a wind machine),

and then, if successful at trapping the ball between the two specified facial features, they must transport the ball (still using their cheeks, in Risa and Yuji's case), and drop it into a nearby bowl to clear this game.

The final game that Risa and Yuji took part in is called Master of Love, which is basically a couples version of DDR (or whatever motion enabled dance/movement game you prefer).

There is obviously a lot of physical interaction between Gaki and the guy, so sensitive fans probably will want to steer away. But as for me, I found it to be really cute and a lot of fun; I'm really enjoying H!P's new-found daring side as of late.

As I mentioned in the title, this is the full 43 minute show, containing a few other celebs (whom I've never heard of because I obviously don't watch enough Japanese television) playing the same games. If you only want to see the Risa x Yuji parts, it's currently available streaming.


The video is in 720p HD and isn't my encode, so thanks to the wota who recorded and encoded this.


  1. Thanks for the share. It was a really cute show. Made my heart go thumping at many point of time.

  2. Thank you! I totally forgot about watching this, I wrote it down but lost the paper.

  3. WOW! I'm shocked o_o
    I never thought an idol, especially one from H!P, would be in a show like this!
    I'm anxious to watch, thank you! ^^

  4. Wish I was the guy paired up with Gaki-San. Lol. It was a really funny show with funny moments between the guy and Gaki-san

  5. As for the pairings... I would love Risa being paired up with Horii Arata (dude that was with Barbie, the fat one...). Two idols doing this makes me so happy ^^

  6. Thank you so much for the links :)
    This episode was really cute