Monday, April 2, 2012

Another filehosting website bites the dust

This time it's Wupload.

Thankfully I always had a second download option (Mediafire), so all of the download links should still work.

Here forward, I'll probably use deposit files as the 2nd option, unless there are any objections.

If you have a suggestion for another website, I'd like to hear it. But it must allow a file size of at least 1 GB (preferably 2 GB). And if it allows FTP uploading, well, that's a huge bonus.


  1. At least it's not Mediafire. I think I would die if they closed Mediafire.

  2. I would die too if mediafire close :(

  3. JumboFiles is a good filehosting site.

  4. Fileserve is another ok solution

  5. please mediafire! :)

    fileserve it's on the same position than wupload.
    Only personal downloads :/

    Japanese ftp loaders are another option ;)

  6. Oh man.. :(
    Well at least we still have Mediafire
    Let's hope that sticks around

  7. I spoke too soon...

    "CNET reports that the Paramount Pictures produced a list of five “rogue” file-hosters, presented in a fancy graphic where Megaupload is crossed out. The prime targets on this shutdown list are Fileserve, MediaFire, Wupload, Putlocker and Depositfiles."

  8. i like to use

  9. I think open again in America

  10. The internet is undergoing a catastrophe!!!
    As of now, the best (personally) is mediafire, followed by torrents [as long as there's seeds].

    anyway, for Nakky fans, C-ute's youtube official site just released another version. Nakky's drama version of PV.

  11. Personally, I think MediaFire's downfall is not far. MediaFire has been acting weird-ish lately. And besides, they're currently suspending/banning accounts that upload these kind of things - illegal uploads or whatever you wanna call 'em. I noticed a few websites (that use Mediafire) has already taken a downfall, unfortunately.

    And imo, torrents are the best way to go. \m/ They might be slow but it's better than nothing - that is, if people help out to seed.

    Aside from all that, I think's okay. Although, there's a limit on how many files we can download but whatever. Better something than nothing! D':

  12. this is good , this site uses it

  13. I don't have any idea about alternatives file hosting services but torrents are not the right alternative for everyone. Not everyone can leave their computers 24/7 on(-line) to meet the quotas on some torrent networks or wait for their downloads to conclude.

    The service itself of the filehosters is not illegal. Or else all webmail provider would be in big trouble. And the case of Megaupload just gets more and more complicated:

    Megaupload User Asks Court To Return The Legitimate Files He Uploaded To Megaupload

    Megaupload Defendants Get Internet Access Back; Kim Dotcom Allowed To Record An Album

    Kim Dotcom sings for legal bills

    And a friendly reminder to the US-Americans (and their Canadian neighbours) on this blog that Acta/Sopa is not quite dead. And your Congress is about to screw you again:
    Forget SOPA, You Should Be Worried About This Cybersecurity Bill

    Nothing new, though, if you live in Europe:
    Hackers say German officials used backdoor

  14. Okay, Mediafire is seriously dying already. Cant depend much on it. Some files are getting deleted in less than 24hours.


  16. multiupload also dead. which is bad since can no longer download the past items on this blog.

    Good News:
    C-ute Official Youtube just released AIRI's version!!!
    (●´∀`)ノ♡ AIRI ♡ ヽ(´▽`)ノ

  17. Thanks for the suggestions guys.

    But I'm not going to use torrents because you can just go to Hello! Online or Jpopsuki for that. A lot of the stuff I upload is already on one of those two trackers and the popular things that I encode (like ADDP concerts) are usually uploaded there by someone anyway.

    I feel like I'm being oppressed and this is America wtf.

  19. Unfortunately, Fileserve recently reinstated its full ban on 3rd party sharing. Apparently this was in response to being described as a "rogue" site by Paramount last week.

    I have to wonder whether Mediafire is next.

  20. another place you might consider is sendspace. the free account allows uploading up to 300MB, but an upgraded account (~9$/mo) allows file sizes up to 4GB and up to 100GB monthly total.