Monday, March 19, 2012

Buono! March 2012 PIZZA-LA CMs

Buono! is back with a few new CMs promoting PIZZA-LA pizza.

I'm not gonna lie, Japanese pizza as a whole scares me, but the pizzas in these CMs look delicious.


There is also a short making of the CMs.

As you can probably tell, the making of's quality is bad. It was ripped from PIZZA-LA's website and I did what little I could to make it look slightly better. The CMs themselves are 720p HD.

There are 3 new CMs in total, but I only encoded 2 of them because I couldn't find one of them in HD.

Making of:


  1. One day, when I finally go to Japan, I am SO going to Pizza-La, simply because Buono! endorsed it. XD Have I ever mentioned that I love them? Not to mention all the cheese on that pizza looks soooo delicious!

  2. @ Shayna i know right! if its good enough for buono! its good enough for me ^.^