Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TPF is looking for new members again!

It's recruitment time again (well we never really stopped looking, but we could use new faces now more than ever)!

Translators and timers are needed the most, but I'm sure leader can find a place for you if you are exceptional at any of the other jobs (typesetting, editing, encoding).

A translator's job is obvious - you will be responsible for translating Japanese speech into understandable English and occasionally translating onscreen kanji captions into English as well. If you are able to do that by yourself, then TPF could use your help!

The other major position of need is timing. As a timer, every time a girl speaks, it is your job to separate that sentence into a blank "line", where the translator will fill in the blank. It's a very simple job and is pretty easy to learn, but it gets pretty boring doing the same thing over and over again hundreds (sometimes thousands) of times per video.

We do accept timers without any experience (you will be trained by me, you lucky person you) so even if you've never worked on a fansub before, the only things you'll need are free time (lots of it) and a passion for either Hello! Project or just idols in general (as we have plans to occasionally work on non-H!P videos).

If you can translate, know how to time (or want to learn), or have any other skill(s) you think we should know about that can help us, either post a comment here with your email address or just email me directly at the email address in the sidebar on the right. If you want to see more subs, released faster, this is your chance to make that a reality!


  1. *sigh*... if it wasn't for the fact that you'd need my e-mail, I would so help. But I hope you get all the members you need!

  2. ^ If you don't want to reveal your email publicly, you can send me an email or if you have a H!O account, we can talk there or something~

  3. I would do the timing, I guess I'm a very ambitious girl when it comes to H!P. (One time I was bored and cut out all of the solo lines of Berryz Koubou's songs and didn't get bored... I only can't get it into the right format to put it up on youtube, but that's another story.)
    I'd love to help as a newbe timer, but I have to see if my free time is enough. I'll do my best to gather some time :3
    Do you still have my e-mail adress? I participated in some contests in the past^^

  4. Never mind that last message. XD Apparently PM'ing on H!O gives out my e-mail address. Grrrrrr

  5. @MiracleHappyLove: I definitely do, but I never delete emails (I have over 50,000 lol), so it would be easier for me if you just sent me an email, thanks~

    @Shayna: If you send a direct message to someone on H!O, the other person won't ever see your email. The recipient of the message will see this: http://uppix.net/f/6/4/db7d0d47b8abc518d8a7a692bf65d.jpg
    The only thing visible are the two people's H!O usernames (which I blacked out in the screenshot).

  6. I'm interested in helping out (especially editing) but my life is currently being swallowed up by college. oTL Idk how you guys manage subbing and college/working life. ._.

  7. I was interested when I saw this, but then I realised my biggest weakness - The lack of knowledge of Japanese language.
    Wished I could be of any help at all, but... oh well.
    To all new subbers, all the best.

  8. Thanks for the interest everyone!

    Yeah it's really hard to balance life and fansubbing, especially when the latter takes many hours of work. But, we're fans of idols just like you guys are and so we enjoy working on unsubbed videos so that the whole foreign community can benefit~

  9. Hmm~ After this summer, I'll start studying Japanese, so I might be able to help you guys translating after a year :)
    I don't know if my English is perfect though *Dutch* But my English will improve cause the study is in English most of the time :D

  10. I am interested~ my question is, do 'timers' must be fluent in Japanese? Or not. Thanks! :)

  11. @Miyako: Good luck with your studies!

    @Buono492: Nope, you don't need any knowledge of Japanese, but it helps.

  12. Here is a lengthy list of jobs and responsibilities I expect from each role: http://twilight-paradise.net/?page_id=11

    @Shiratori Misa: Yes it is hard to balance between both lives. I usually create a day to just fansub only (usually the weekend). I'm currently doing two degrees, fully involved in 2 clubs so I think is doable. I'm not forcing you or w/e.

    @Miyako: Don't worry about your english! I'm not that good in it either... lol

    Just for everyone to see how much time they might have to commit to TPF, here is a rough idea of how much time it takes for each part for a HPT episode (this is my guestimates btw). The level of difficulty for this imo is a 8/10.

    Timer: trunks would probably take 2 hours per episode. 3 at max. This includes captions and audio.

    Translation: I'm not perfectly fluent in Japanese. I sometimes use a dictionary (NOT Google Translate) so I think my Japanese is 7/10, 8/10 at best. It usually takes me 3-5 hours for everything.

    Editors: This will only take a hour or so to complete.

    I'm not here to scare anyone but this is reality.