Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Morning Musume - Renai Hunter PV

Today brought a nice surprise for me - the Renai Hunter music video! In my opinion, Aichan had a proper farewell with two nice PVs and of course, her solo song. Did Gakisan also get a fitting farewell? Only one way to find out!

The first thing that stood out to me was the dance. It's just perfect with Gakisan in the center.

There were quite a few times during the dance where I caught myself saying "awesome!". As is the case here,

even better here,

 and I love Risa here:

And there were many more moments in the dance that weren't as gif-able, but still were cool. For me, the dance made an already cool opening even cooler.

Risa wink!

Besides the dance, there are 2 types of close-up shots, one with the hanging beads that UFA likes so much,

and another, slightly more creative close-up shot making use of the wind machine.

Every single one of the girls looked there best in shots like these:

And Aika + Masaki gave us quite an interesting moment during one of the shots:

That's so cute~

In contrast, Ikuta turns up the heat with a more mature look. I totally almost had fanboy moments during these two parts.

The only other shot in the PV is some out-of-nowhere moving magazine thing.

Although everyone got their turn at posing for their own cover, some of the girls shined here more than the others. Aika's pose immediately comes to mind. I realize now that I probably should have made a gif of it because she gives an awesome wink at the end, but oh well.



and Ikuta were all workin' that lollipop and were the stand-outs for me.

The PV ends with Gakisan by herself, as she mouths "Morning Musume daisuki," making Risa fans and Morning Musume fans alike tear up inside.

This PV features Risa heavily, as it should. She's Morning Musume's longest serving member and who knows if/when that record will ever be broken. But with that said, the PV is a lot fairer than one would expect. No, it's not divided exactly into equal parts, but I feel like everyone had a moment and a chance to shine.

Aika apparently wasn't able to take part in the dance shot, but her moment with Masaki as well as her magazine cover are two of the most memorable parts of the PV for me. The other senpai members did well vocally in the song and shined with their solos. Riho continues to impress me and seems more than able to sing lead on any given song. There wasn't quite as much Kanon or Mizuki as I'd like, but that's just nitpicking on a great single. UFA is really on a roll this year with PVs and Renai Hunter is no exception. Singles like this is what makes me proud to call myself a fan of Hello! Project.

Download link (Youtube rip):

Of course, don't forget to buy this single if you can. Gakisan deserves it!


  1. ♥♡♥♡♥ THIS PV!

    Though I was really hoping for a story PV, something Battle Royale/Hunger Games-ish where the girls take each other out to get the the "Renai", but this is still pretty good. I love that they all have their down and slick (super rare special for Reina outside of S♡JG), and then they busted out that wind machine... ♥! Gaki-san was so beautiful~! I can't wait to see all the other PVs for this.

    Though I don't think she's saying "daisuki" at the end, her lips purse up when they wouldn't with that word... Unless she's pronouncing it as dai-su-ki and not dai-s'ki. I don't think I've heard it pronounced as dai-su-ki outside of songs in a long time.

  2. love it love everything about (could have used more zukki but like you said nit picking) im gonna have to save some of the money on my itunes account for this...

  3. Thanks for the sharing this PV...i love Momusu soooo muchhh yayyyy and now i can see this new PV....arigatouuu *bow* ^__^

  4. Mixed feelings for me. My biggest pet peeve was that pyokopyoko cameo (the ultraman pose...).

    Just bringing everything to perspective. To me, it is just another Morning Musume single. Some are yay, some are nay. The only big thing about this is that it is Risa's last single. 10 years down the road (if MM lasts that long), I doubt this will be remembered as an awesome single but just Risa's graduation single.

  5. Ugh @ your DSL & Lesbian references. Get you mind out of the gutter! *tsk tsk* It's not bad. This single will grow on me, not so much the choreography. I've yet to see the dance shot version(s) though. I'm curious to see how well has Iikubo Haruna improved her dancing. Ikuta Erina after a year is impressive now. Speaking of which Sato Masaki came up to speed very quickly didn't she? No I'm going to throw Haruna-chan under the bus. I remember it took Junjun & Linlin a full year before they got thier dancing adequate. She needs time, sometimes I think she's just trying to hard & needs to relax. As far as the outfits I think it'd of been a better idea to have the stripes represent thier concert color. The english magizine covers was a clever idea. Yes yes the ending was perfect for Gaki-san ( or as I call her Ms. Piggy ). I'm going to miss her, last of the Gookies 8)

  6. PV is cool, it's similar to "Only You" in many respects, but better imho. I LOVE that they semed to showcase Haruka quite a bit. She was great in all her shots, and AIka was so cool, cute and pretty you hardly noticed she wasn't in the dance shots! And seriously, when can she start dancing again? I mean she's 18 not 80!!

  7. I love both the song and pv. I thought poor Erina didn't seem comfortable in the closeup shots. She always seems to be struggling to become an idol somehow. Other than that I think everyone look amazing even tiny little Haruka :)

  8. Gakisan doesn't really change in term of look doesn't she? Quite sad she's going to graduate soon..

    Sayashi Riho, Supecial issue!

  9. I think the person in charge of hair and makeup and lighting deserves a raise. In my opinion, it's been years since all the girls have looked this good in a PV. Reina should look like this in all future PVs.

  10. I have mixed feelings about the PV. I actually really enjoy the song. I sort of wish it would've continued with the heavier type of style the beginning sets, instead of going into a regular techno-pop sound. Also, while I feel Gaki has a good amount of lines/screen time (and I am happy with this, as it should be! Since it seems the graduating members get big solo lines in their last singles... i.e. Yossi in "Kanashimi Twilight") I feel like the line distribution was horrific. I'm not a big fan of Riho, while I absolutely love the rest of the Kyuukies. It's true their high, clear voices were good for this single but this range seemed like something that would be within the talents of any of the girls. And someone's talent/employees/whatever you want to call them won't improve unless you use them. I'm just afraid that girls will start dropping like flies and we will be back to a core Morning Musume. A lot of the girls have potential.
    On another note, I agree about the choreography. There has seemed to be this rash of "literal" choreography. "Hey look, we're chickens!" and now "hey look, we're robots!" I also agree with the above comment about some of it being unflattering... why would you even make girls be in that squatting sumo pose in HOT PANTS. It just looks bizarre. I would rather have a dynamic video than some sort of recognizable dance.
    On a positive note, I agree too about the lighting and make up. From a design standpoint, this video looks gorgeous. Everyone looks great and it manages to make the younger girls look less out of place without being creepy. I do really enjoy this video but I had hoped for something with a little more of a hook visually.
    I have admitted that I have finally become a wota and enjoy have pictures of my favorites (Ikuta, Suzuki, Niigaki) but not being a full on adoring male fan or teenage female fan, I just can't enjoy staring at the girls for a full 5 minutes without getting some other sort of thing to look at.
    Sorry for the essay lol

  11. i am seriously fall in love with this song! Not only amazing but HEAVENLY gorgeous, more like korean style - neat, clear and beautiful. I love the make up in this pv, looks like everyone is equal. To tell the truth, i don't really like Reina always get the awesome make up like in 女が目立ってなぜイケナイ, I want her be like others - normal (so that the spotlight will equally distribute)
    overall, I will definitely buy this CD if financial allows me and sorry for the bad English