Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Buono! DVD Magazine volume 11 & 12

We continue with Buono!'s DVD Magazines available during their "R*E*A*L" concert tour !

Starting with a screenshot of Princess Peach talking with a random orange : 

In this DVD Magazine girls are having fun while playing a game created especially for them. They even customized their role characters ! And thanks to that we have furry Momochii and adorable Sue-san. : 

And Ice Queen right here :

If I understood correctly every time they are on a square they must do the required action written on the cardboard of the square itself. You can see it below.

I'm really not a fan of DVD Magazines that I find extremely long and mostly boring, especially when girls talk for an hour. But I'm always surprised by those of Buono! which, by the harmony of the different personalities of the girls and their way to be so random, manage to make a funny and enjoyable DVD to watch until the end. This one is therefore added to the list of the DVD Magazines that I recommend, even for those who don't understand the Japanese !


Bonus omake:

Buono! DVD Magazine volume 12 is one of the usual DVD Magazine that we have at each concert tour, with the girls commenting on their latest tour and their performance in it, also including bonus scenes. But it's not for that reason that we don't have any funny scenes, indeed, I remind you that we're talking about Buono! here !

Full of red glowsticks to celebrate Miyabi's birthday.

Airi and her goofy moments before going back on stage.

Miya's transformation.

Elegant Miya is hiding !

Elegant Momochi

Elegant pinky !

And some MiyAiri love to finish that post !

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  1. DVD Volume Magazine 11's audio was not synched with the video...

  2. Sorry about that, I'll fix it when I get home

  3. It's ok. Sorry for the constantly asking of Hello! Pro Time episodes. :)

  4. OMG I love DVD magazines!!!!! They always encourage me to practice my Japanese, anyway, cuz I'm like "WHAT ARE THEY SAYING TO ME???????" ....... yeah, this is a must-watch for after school! BUONOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  5. Miya Ai~n! I love that. It looks like she got scolded.

  6. @Yasser96: It's okay, don't worry about it

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  7. Miyabi's Birthday?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????!!!!! O_O but her birthday is in august?! no?!