Friday, March 23, 2012

[ADDP] H!P 2012 Winter Rock-chan & Funky-chan DVDs

In less than 1 month (April 11th), the Rock-chan and Funky-chan H!P 2012 Winter DVDs will be released, so it's time for another Airiindeshou DVD Donation Project!

Unfortunately this time I will not be contributing any money, so if you guys don't come up with enough donations then I won't buy these DVDs. This is because we already saw a lot of these concerts from the TV broadcast a few weeks ago (in HD, too!) and so I personally don't think it's worth it.

There is no Blu-ray version scheduled to be released at this time so the DVDs are 3800 yen each.

Shipping will be 1700 yen, for a total of 9300 yen for both DVDs shipped or 5500 yen shipped for just one DVD.

If you plan on donating, please leave a comment or email me, but DON'T send donations yet. I want to see if we have enough to buy it or not. I'd like an answer within a week so please hurry and let me know if you plan to participate!

And if you are unsure what ADDP is, here is everything you need to know:


  1. Got an email from HMV this morning. The Blu-ray version is scheduled for release on May 16.

  2. I agree.. that combination that aired seemed to be the best parys. I would be more inclined to nominate the Hello Pro festival dvd because the only version of that circulating is a rip of a stream.