Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Berryz Koubou's Be Genki Naseba Naru! PV

Berryz's new single releases in a few weeks now and so the PV was uploaded to the official channel earlier today.

I'm definitely a huge Berryz fan and they often battle with Buono! for the honor of being my favorite group, but still, I will admit to not liking Be Genki at first. However, now, after seeing it performed live and watching the PV, I'm starting to see its awesomeness.

The PV starts off really cool. As seen in the picture above, Berryz walks toward the camera in a total badass way. Even the the way the logo appeared on the screen was somehow cool. From there, 7 TVs with pictures of the girls make up the next scene. It's an interesting way to switch things up from the usual close-up shots.

Before moving on to the next scene, I have to do a quick comment on the girls' hairstyles. Momo's pigtails fit her personality and were nice a while ago when she first started wearing her hair like that, but it seems like she's wearing it exclusively that way now and it's getting old. It's amazing how much a different hairstyle can change someone for the better (or worse).

Unfortunately, Risako is one of the unlucky ones. I like Risako of course, but her hairstyle here is so horrible, I'm sorry. Maasa's hair is really nice and for once, I actually like Miyaaaaa's short hair. It's not radically different from what she's had recently, but it fits the PV well I think. It's just... cool. Speaking of cool:

Miyabi, Captain, Chinami, everyone refgdfgrwfghebtgwsdc omg so cool. I like the little head nod thing Momo does lol.

Miya starts off the song with a few solos and thus, gets the first solo close-up shots.

Not only does she look pretty cool, but Miya sounds really great. I think I've said her name a dozen times already, so I'm sure you can tell who I thought owned in this PV. Risako sounds pretty good here too, but the combination of a lot of zooming + that hairstyle = Risako looking like someone shaved her head. Please never wear your hair like this again, Risako. Please. I don't think Raffi's heart can take it

Chinami solo line ftw!

Maasa too!

I never knew walking could look so cool until I saw this PV. Captain especially has her badass walk perfected.

The dance portion of Be Genki might be my favorite part of it all.

And Risako and Miya's sexy lip touching is of course awesome.

I saw the PV for the first time this morning right before school and I liked it, but now that I've watched it another time for this post, I'm completely in love. Yeah, more could have been done. Yes, there could have been some sort of superhero storyline, but this is UFA we're talking about here. You could count the number of PVs released in the last few years that had a storyline on one hand. I came in with no expectations (especially since, like I said, I didn't care for the song at first) and just watched the PV without wanting anything in particular to happen and came out happy. Sometimes you have to take joy in the little things and Be Genki is full of a lot of awesome little moments that comes together to make a solid overall PV. 

If you like this song, buy it! If you hurry, the first press bonus is a poster!

Download link (Youtube rip):


  1. Nuh-uh, Maasa OWNED this PV. I swear, she was made for this theme (hero). Captain was awesome too. She looks so... soft. ^_^ Agreed, high-ponytail was not made for Risako without bangs. I really liked her hair for the concerts this winter, down but braided back. Why didn't they use that? I'm gonna have nightmares... I wasn't too sure about the shot with all of them in the TV room until they did the cape-circle. Overall, I like the PV but it isn't what I thought it would look like.

    Question: Why did you post a 360p rip instead of a 480p? Did you convert it or posted it as-ripped?

  2. Miya wins this round. Oh so much. And may she win every round after this. Not that I have anything against Risako. I just miss Miya being centered.

  3. Miya looks really cool with the short hair. ^^ I was surprised that you get a poster with the single. This would be my first poster of Berryz Kobo! *yeah* I ordered the LTD A Vision and after seeing the PV I Think I order some other Visions too.
    The end of the PV is the cutest! XD They all running in circles with the cape of the other in the hand. IT's a nice PV and better than the last Berryz Kobo PVs.

  4. After watching the PV I have to say I'm not all that wowed with the song. I think it's alright but I don't think it's as good as the stuff Berryz has been putting out recently.

    I really like Miyabi with short hair, I think she looks a lot cuter that way. I really, really dislike Momo's pigtails and Risako's hair is really bad in this. Other than that the PV is one of the best PVs they've put out in a while but I'm not too impressed with the song.

  5. Mmm... I like Risako like this, she looks mature for me... Maasa seemed... bored for me, like she has no expression in the PV (specially during her first solo...) Miya with short hair, LOVE IT! (in Hatsukoi Cider she looks amazing too!)
    NOW... I REALLY HATE MOMOKO'S PIGTAILS!! She looks stupid and extremely childish! Even when they all do a sexy heroine like pose, she does that "yusushite-nyan" thing and I just want to hit the screen!!

  6. @Hidders: The Firefox add-on I normally use to download from Youtube decided to break, so after sifting through half a dozen new ones (and a few Greasemonkey scripts), I just gave up and posted the 360p version that one of them managed to spit out.

  7. Ah, okay.

    I use JDownloader (download manager) to handle the majority of my downloading and stream-ripping but if that doesn't work my fallback is always Free Youtube Download is good too (as long as you keep it from trying to install toolbars and stuff), I use that for downloading whole channels. I do wonder though, why there isn't a 480p MP4 if there is a 480p FLV... It's strange.

  8. I completely forgot JDownloader can download Youtube vids. I'll use that next time, thanks!

  9. ^ I know that you want to see new episodes, but you don't have to constantly ask on every other post.

    I'm not trying to be rude but if it's not yet released, there's a reason. Each of the members of the teams have a life, which isn't exclusively devoted to feeding people with subs everyday. Please try to understand that and be more patient and we'll release new episodes whenever we're done~

  10. The youtube downloader I use is ANT toolbar for firefox, if you want to try it~

  11. Thanks for the work u guys do jedimastertrunks. Are you guys missing an editor? Cuz I could help with that. I also know some Japanese.

  12. ^ We could probably use another. Email TPF's leader directly at and let him know you are interested in joining~