Wednesday, March 14, 2012

°C-ute - Kimi wa Jitensha, Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (MV ; direct link)

°C-ute's latest MV for their "Kimi wa Jitensha, Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku" single released few days ago.

Since most of you already saw it and that I already gave my opinion on it elsewhere, it's a bit useless to do a copied/pasted post. So here are some lovely gifs Jedimastertrunks did for your entertainment ! 

Watch the MV on their official channel.

And by purchasing the single : CD Japan (Regular Edition)

Video download link (Mediafire ; Youtube rip)

Note : All the trolls/hateful comments towards the guy, Airi lead will be deleted. I remind you that each of the girls get a solo version as a single and also a different MV, so calm down and don't think that you're unknown only because you put yourself as an anon ;).
Having an opinion is absolutely great, criticizing the same thing all the time because you run out of arguments and not having an open mind is something else ; thank you for your understanding.


  1. I don't think Airi Leads.... and don't hate the another member (my fav is Chissa xD) I only think Airi it is too pretty, good actress and have a excellent voice Only say that! ^^
    The MV it is awe some I Love It! ♥ and specialy for the name! it is too pretty and I love songs with large names! xD ♥ The Close-up shots are AWESOMEEES EVERYONE LOOKS AWESOMELY PRETTY!! Specially Chissa & Maimi! (sometimes Airi Looks like an angels! xD) one of the best mvs! :3 I think in event v will be each member MV .... like Kiss me Aishiteru xD WANT TO SEE IT! :3 and Solo songs! ♥
    a good single! :3

  2. Wait they each get a different MV??

  3. xD I only say .... that's maybe happens in Event V xD I'd love to see Chissa & Maimi's Version xD ♥

  4. I got mind blown when I saw a GUY in a Hello! Project MV. O_O Damnit, I wanna hold Airi's hand too. ;w; I, literally, went "ZOMFG IT'S A GUY!!". XDDDDD I'm glad H!P finally decided to throw in a guy and throw them out in the sunny sunshine! <333 :D

    Btw, anyone know who's that guy? XD I'm really curious LOL!

    PS: I can't wait to watch Nacky's version too! >w<)b
    PPS: I think Airi's acting has improved! :D
    PPPS: ZOMFG, it's a freaking guy. XDDD

    And end LOLOLOL! *shot* XD Ahem, sorry, I'm just too excited. ^^;

  5. I hate this PV. Only Airi is in the story part and the background for the danceshot is blinding white. Why!? I love the song but this PV just doesn't fit.
    *sigh* But it's alright in the end since the only time I'll ever see this song in the future is while the girls sing it live, and we already know that looks good.

  6. The translated lyrics (someone put them up on H!O) are such a let down after seeing a translation of Tasogare Kosaten. I`m surprised at the inconsistency in the poetic-ness of them.

    I don't mind Airi lead ver but I'm super excited for Maimi ver.

  7. I really liked the pv. The background for the dance shot, though just a plain white background, I really liked, I think it brings even more attention to the girls. I really liked the close up shots of the girls too. They looked really cute. I can't wait for nakky's and Maimi's version!

  8. Actually this!! make me cry :'3 I love Airi <3

  9. @Aleria: Tsunku doesn't make songs like he used to. Been like that for the past 5 years. I'm not even talking about the ballads. Stuff like Pyokopyoko Ultra was like wtf. Think the only passable one was Ai-chan's solo.

    @ryochan: I think solo versions will be in the 5 CD+DVD versions (one for each member). If not, they really suck

  10. I don't understand why people complained so much about this song and PV. It's silly to get upset over a guy being involved in the concept. Like they probably don't already interact with male friends or what have you in their free time. It's not anything knew for a girl (idol or not) to interact with a male. It won't rain fire and brimstone, the world will not come to an end, the oceans will not freeze over. They are doing something a little bit more mature with story, not just cutesy.

    But to each their own, I guess. I can't make anyone like it, but I just think some of the reasoning for not liking it is silly.

  11. More PVs have been released. Solo versions and close up versions. Everyone should watch them and enjoy :D