Thursday, March 29, 2012

Contest #7: Second chances!

I'm so late with this, I know. I said I'd do this months ago lol. But anyway, I still have a few extra copies of Aichan's graduation single that I said I would give away, so here I am!

This contest is only open to people who took part in my past contests, but didn't win.

I will get back to "normal" contests where anyone can participate (starting with Gakisan's graduation single next month), but for now, this is for non-winners of past contests only.

For this contest, there is no theme. Draw, write a story, make a nice graphic, dance, sing - do whatever you want!


1.  You must have taken part in ANY of my past contests, but did NOT win.

2. Send all entries to with the subject "Contest #7 entry".

3. Submit your entry by Friday, April 6th 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.

There will be at least one winner, with the possibility of up to 3 different people winning so do your best!

Both Chobi and I will be judging the contests together from now on, so be prepared to impress the both of us!


  1. Aw wish I could take part :)

    Good luck to all ♥

  2. Couldn't enter either way ;____;

    Good luck to all!

  3. mmmmmmmmmmm I think do not understand... this for money donators' contest no losers??? xD (?)

  4. good luck to all that's entering (re-entering :D)
    Cant participate in this though :/

  5. so I can't participate to win an Ai-chan graduation CD if I once won a Berryz CD at one of your contests?

  6. Guess that's how it is.
    Pardon me if I make any mistake here, so the criteria are:
    1) You have entered at least a contest before.
    2) You have never won any prize from the contests before.
    Fit the criteria above? Welcome to the contest :D

    So newcomers and those who won before wont be able to join this time round. (Just wait for the normal contest that is stated)
    Hopefully I'm correct here. Not to mislead and not trying to give false info.

  7. @MiracleHappyLove: Nope sorry. You can take part in the next contest though.

    @soneKheart: Yep, that's exactly it.

  8. I'm so ready for the next contest! XD

  9. Good luck to those who enter! :)

    By the way jedimastertrunks, I sent you an email a little while ago. :) If you didn't get it, I can re-send it. My iPod's been messed up and doesn't send emails properly for some reason. :P

  10. @jedimastertrunks: Okay that's fine, I wish good luck to the others :3

    btw, I sent you the e-mail for helping TPF out.

  11. How many entries can we possibly sent in?

  12. I didn't win last contest for these cd's when we made banners. Now is my chance! XD

  13. @Ran-chan: One per category, please. For example, if you want to send in 1 drawing, 1 fandub, 1 fanfic, then that's fine. But you can't send in 3 drawings. Hope that answered your question~

  14. @Anon2: You can send the email again.

  15. This is out of place but...
    C-ute's Kimi wa Jitensha, Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku Ver B (Close Up) have been released their official youtube channel.
    Sorry, I just have to get all excited since it involves C-ute and especially Airi!

  16. @jedimastertrunks Ah, okay, I re-sent it.

  17. I need to have participated in the previous competition to participate in this?

  18. this is a message from Ran-chan. I did this because she is out of town for a while..

    Did you receive her entry from If not, she will resend it again thank you.

    i hope you respect this comment.. good day

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  20. whooooaaa~ anything you can send ? wow, GOOD LUCK guys !
    i hope you'll post the top 10(or more) of the works like you did to the banner contest . me wanna see !