Sunday, February 5, 2012

1 million views? Wow!

 Somehow... Airii~n Deshou?! has reached 1,000,000 views!!!

When I started this blog way back in August of 2010, I never would have imagined that Airii~n Deshou?! would grow this large. It originally was going to be about Hello! Project news, my Youtube channel, and even random things about my life (as seen by my very first post ever). It literally started over a friend (constantly) asking when I'd get a blog and look at it now.

I feel like I should be doing some sort of speech where I thank the people who helped me along this journey, but instead I'll just keep it short. Thank you to, well, you. "You" as in the person reading this right now. You're the reason that Airii~n Deshou?! exists and you're the reason why I do everything that I do. I love Hello! Project and my goal from day one (starting way back in 2007 when I created my first Youtube channel) has been to spread the Hello! Project joy to as many people as possible and I think that now, a year and a half and 1 million views later, I did a pretty decent job of that.

This blog has significantly evolved over the years, starting from a place where I'd report news and give my opinions on them to a news/download/essay-like editorial blog, and finally to a download/essay/subtitling resource. Now, with 2012 still fresh, I hope that Chobi and I together will continue to evolve Airii~n Deshou?! and turn it into something even greater.

- jedimastertrunks

Hello everyone, it's been awhile I didn't post! And everyday, even more people visit this blog, so I think I should do a little message here.

When I discovered Airii~n deshou?! It hadn't the fame it has now. But I continued to follow it, because at that time Jedimastertrunks was speaking personally a bit more (about his collection, his opinions) and there was something else that reviews and downloads, which was something great too. I thought Jedimastertrunks was impressive.

Then, it became more active and even more people was knowing "Airii~n deshou?!" through the download it gave with TPF, and so on. At that time I created my fansite and I didn't have the time to visit the blog as much as I was doing it, but I didn't really care about it because I knew it would be something great when I'll come back, I didn't think it would be so awesome in every way and that it'll become a reference.

When I came back, as I supposed, there were even more comments, even more visits everyday, I saw that Trunks did so many posts with so different ideas sometimes to varie the content (with the contest and such). But, something marked the Airiindeshobi history. "Keitai Kanojo" released, and I wanted to do it in VOSTFR for my fansite. Unfortunately I had no experience in subs at all, and that was difficult for me to understand all of that, so even if I find Jedimastertrunks quite gigantic I tried to send him a e-mail, and he replied me quicker than expected, with all the advices I should know. Thanks to these advices I succeed to translate, put the subs, and encode the film in 2 days only all by myself. Every French fan on my fansite were really happy, all thanks to Trunks.

We stopped talking but as some persons, I was visiting the blog everyday to see the news, download updates, subs and the concerts in streaming that are the most interesting for me. Then I suddenly don't know why, we started chatting again and now for me, Trunks isn't Trunks, but it's Chris. The owner of this blog helped me to make the French fans happy, to know how to use some programs, to give the chance to my fansite to grow, offered me a little place in this entity he created all by himself and his work, and some personal things of his everyday-life he's doing for me. This blog helped me to watch awesome concerts, gain Takahashi Ai's graduation version of MM's Kono Chikyuu, knowing that I appeared in J-MELO on 06 May 2011, meeting an awesome friend... But the most important is that it created a community of Hello! Project fans that are following their Idols and that can have this opportunity thanks to Airii~n deshou?!.

Please, continue to follow this blog, to support Chris and his work (it makes him truly happy) and of course Hello! Project!

Thank you to all, because you accepted me when I posted here, because you continue to give him awesome support to prove that Chris's work worth it everyday.

- chobineko.

Thank you everyone, from Airiindeshobi!


  1. Congratulations on having 1,000,000 views!
    Keep up the good work~ ^w^)b

  2. Please Look At My Blog. I have just started. It isn't really H!P related, but please check it out.


  3. WAOWOWOWOWOWOWO!!! REALLY THANKS!! ^^ XD This month my blog will birth 1 year! :3 I am Happy for Both XD Congratulations!!

  4. Great works, keep up =)

  5. Chris... could I make you a random question?? ^^
    how do you upload the concerts to YouTube?? because when I try to upload a long video to YouTube it is deleted :(

  6. Congratulations!

    And here's to a million more~

  7. congrats! this is a great blog indeed!! best wishes from Argentina ^^

  8. congrats senpai~~ :D and Chobi too ^^ <3

    "It literally started over a friend (constantly) asking when I'd get a blog and look at it now."
    I was wondering who that friend is and I realized it was me :P
    ......w8, was it me? XD

  9. Thanks everyone!

    @Miya: I checked it out yesterday. Good luck with blogging!

    @ryochan: you have to add a phone number to youtube and then you can upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

    @Melisa: No it wasn't you. He knows who he is, lol.

  10. Omedetou! and keep up the good work! Ganbare!

  11. Great job! :D I'm glad that you've got this many views! I've followed this blog for a very long time, getting subs and new videos of the girls of Hello Project! Finally, I decided I wanted to make a blog. Because you, I hope you'll be able to visit sometime, Chris, I'd love your support. I will always visit your blog everyday to find out new things! Best of luck to you~ :)

  12. Felicidades! Congratulations! Omedetou! This is indeed the coolest space for us, gaijin wotas and Chris/Trunks has shown he's the greatest wota of all.