Sunday, February 5, 2012

Morning Musume - Limited B DVD Download link

On the limited B DVD is the Close up version of Pyoko Pyoko Ultra and interviews of Iikubo Haruna and Ishida Ayumi.

The dance shot was quite different than H!P's usual offerings and this close up version follows that trend. It's not drastically different (there aren't exactly many different ways to do a close up PV anyway), but the camera is zoomed in a lot closer than usual.

The overall quality of this PV is higher than usual and when you combine that with ultra zoomed in shots, you get another well made PV for Pyoko Pyoko Ultra.

And then there are the two 10th gen interviews, first Haruna's.

And then Ayumi's.

Close Up Ver, download link:

Haruna interview download link:

Ayumi interview download link:

Buy this single if you like it!


  1. I actually purchased this version when I got the CD, mainly because of Haruna and Ayumi's interviews (they are my favourite Gen 10 members), but I was very surprised by how close-up these shots were! But it was great to see everyone so close up!

  2. can you please encode the interviews also? i got the other ver w/ haruka & masaki interviews but i don't really care about them as much as i care about haruayumin. ;___;

  3. I would like to see the interview too. Thank you for the close up, everyone is so cute! ^-^

  4. @Chiima: Yeah it was definitely a surprise! I'm not a huge fan of this song, but the PVs and the contents of the DVDs are top notch.

    @Anon and MiracleHappyLove: I added the interviews for you two

  5. I don't really have the adoration for the girls individually (maybe because I'm older...? I dunno... I never really idolized a lot of actors/actresses/singers) but I do enjoy watching these different versions of the PVs. I have to say, Suzuki Kanon is one of my favorites to watch. She may act completely goofy but she really knows how to act when she needs to . If you watch her solo of "Kare to Issho..." she really acts well and doesn't just keep striking poses. At least we have a strong 9th gen once Gakisan is gone. Still can't get behind the 10th gen yet...

  6. I like the 10th gen interviews ^^

  7. It's a good PV ignoring the fact that the scenes are poorly pasted together which makes some scenes look rather awkward. On another note AIKAAAA KYAAAA~