Saturday, February 4, 2012

Morning Musume - Pyoko Pyoko Ultra (Dance Shot Ver.)

This dance shot is a little different than what we usually get from H!P. Instead of zooming in and pissing off people trying to learn the dance, they included a three-way split screen: two close up sections mainly focusing on whoever is currently singing, and a continuous shot of the girls dancing in the bottom section.

This is such an awesome idea and is the perfect way to handle a dance shot so I hope UFA continues to do them this way.

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  1. I was definitely a fan with a love/hate of this single. The song is very standard (almost anime opening, as a friend of mine said) and the video was sort of intriguing but the outfits annoyed me. HOWEVER, I just managed to get my hands on the making-of. And from a technical standpoint, it's actually really cool. A lot of fans say it looks cheap but if you watch the making-of it was actually a really complex shoot. It looks like it was done in almost one continuous shot with the projections being real time. So even though the scale and effect was a bit lost, it's actually a really ambitious video. Especially with the inexperience of the new members. So I have to say my mind is now changed, from an artistic and technical standpoint. Good job, H!P

  2. @Antiswanky I saw that too! and I was really ipressed that they were doing these projections while they were filming on the other side of the hall/room. I never thought that the members after they did a scene behind the mini-theater, were running to get into the projection filming, only to jump right into the dance. If someone did a mistake, they would have had to film the whole scene again. And everything with the new members!
    Even if the single isn't the best, at least they put much effort into the PV.

  3. I really REALLY love this Dance Shot~
    So happy with it~~

  4. I'll cast a dissenting vote and say I didn't like this dance version. Like most people, i don't plan on learning the dance, so I just want something that's fun to watch. This was more confusing than entertaining.

  5. @Antiswanky I don't think I've ever seen a MV from H!P that didn't look cheap.

    The dance ver. are my favorite to watch but I wasn't happy with this. I watched it on YouTube and I put a window over the top part because it's distracting.