Sunday, February 26, 2012

Berryz Koubou's album review.

Hello everyone! It's Chobi. It's been awhile, and I hope you are all well.
Today, my article will be about Berryz latest album released : Ai no Album 8.

I've always been disappointed with Hello! Project's albums in general. Buono!'s and MM's ones are the only things which mostly calm my hunger for good songs, with a fairly varied content which is always satisfying. And so it's with this habit of very bad albums for the other groups that I participate in the exploration of Berryz's latest one.

● Ai no Album 8

regular edition

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01 Mythology~愛のアルバム~
02 世の中薔薇色
03 Shy boy 

04 Because happiness 
05 恋愛模様/徳永千奈美・須藤茉麻・熊井友理奈・菅谷梨沙子 
06 愛の弾丸 
07 甘酸っぱい春にサクラサク/Berryz工房×℃-ute 
08 新しい日々/清水佐紀・嗣永桃子・夏焼 雅 
 09 ああ、夜が明ける 
10 青春劇場(Berryz工房Ver.)

limited edition
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DVD : 
1.Be 元気<成せば成るっ!>(Live Ver.) 
2.Be 元気<成せば成るっ!>(清水佐紀 Solo) 
3.Be 元気<成せば成るっ!>(嗣永桃子 Solo) 
4.Be 元気<成せば成るっ!>(徳永千奈美 Solo) 
5.Be 元気<成せば成るっ!>(須藤茉麻 Solo) 
6.Be 元気<成せば成るっ!>(夏焼雅 Solo) 
7.Be 元気<成せば成るっ!>(熊井友理奈) 
8.Be 元気<成せば成るっ!>(菅谷梨沙子) 

Let's begin !
1. Mythology ~Ai no Album~
Huh. That's my reaction when I heard that. Would be perfect for ABBA, but not for Berryz Koubou *skip*

2. Yo no Naka no Barairo
The intro is perfect, this sounds good. It's a song that reflects the fair point of Berryz Koubou : the harmony between the members's voices. I terribly like the rythm and the instrumental ! This song will be perfect in live, I guess. It catches up the poverty of the previous song and is a great surprise ! Yes, it's a song which is a pleasure to listen to until the end.

03. Shy Boy
I don't really like the intro. The voices of the girls are too loud and there is no interesting instrumental. The autotune is appreciable at first but is absolutely disgusting from the verse before the chorus. I like the end of the song, but I'm not going to listen to it all the time, sincerely the autotune destroy my ears.

04. Because Happiness
Ah, something which sounds interesting. Well, nothing special to say about it, I just love the chorus and I think this song will be good in live too. An enjoyable bouncy song.

05. Ren'ai Moyo
The intro suggests a marvelous song. At first, I found it really boring, but by listening to it few times I have to admit that it's a really soothing and perfect song for the girls. I really love it.

08. Atarashii Hibi
Again, an intro which suggest something interesting, but I was quickly disappointed. I find it just... annoying and boring at a maximum level, unfortunately. The great points are, again, the voices of the girls.

10. Seishun Gekijou (Berryz Koubou ver.)
It's not that I don't like it, it's that I prefer °C-ute's one. Not because °C-ute is my favourite group, but because there is less girls and the lines were clearer due to that, which leaves a more enjoyable feeling  (for me, at least).

Well, before this review my opinion was blocked on the "I seriously don't like it", but I have to admit that I have to change it a bit. I'm not going to listen to that album everytime, but it's clearly a quite good one, even though as usual the whole isn't particulary great. There is still songs that have to be put forward and others that I will forget forever. Besides that, I want to congratulate all the girls for their improvement in terms of singing, especially Captain, Maasa and Chinami.

7/10 for that album ! Not a gem, but something unpretentious, simple and pretty at the same time.

What did you think about it ? 


  1. Good review !
    I agree with everything :)

  2. I think Berryz Koubou tends to get the worst albums. I haven't listen to it due to the disappointment of the last album. I want to listen to it now though.

  3. I just heard the cd and I actually loved it. I was surprised. Maybe because I said before I didn't expect much of it.

  4. I ♥ Shy boy, Because happiness & Seishun Gekijou...
    I Be Genki

  5. I probably like this album a lot more than most people. For me, it got better with every song. I really love tracks 3-8, especially Because Happiness.

  6. I wrote a mini-review of this on my blog (I skipped a couple of songs, though). It's kinda funny because your views and mine are pretty much opposite on everything. :D My favorite track is "Shy Boy" and my least favorite is... probably "Because Happiness".

  7. @jedimastertrunks yess me too...

    I think you have to look from different sides.. especially from album berryz and c-ute. If you say the album buono! pretty good, it's because the song they sing is not the creation of Tsunku? right? :)). And If you say the album MM pretty good too, because Tsunku gives his best creations for MM? I was joking ^^

    IMO... This album is not too bad of all the bad things that look :p. Now.. every song began stuck in myhead.. recently because happiness and ren'ai mouyou <3. even for c-ute album Utsukushikutte Gomen ne, I take a long time for love. I think Tsunku already know what songs he should make for Berryz and c-ute..

  8. When the each MV will be launch?

  9. When the each MV will be launch?
    would renai moyo have a MV???

  10. For me Because Happiness is the runaway winner of this album. I like Miya's slightly nasal voice, ("because happ-pwee-ness") and Momo's(?) harmony in the chorus is really freeing. I often wonder how Tsunku manages to make such crappy music with these beautiful instruments. C-ute has a much higher hit rate for me.