Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Best filehosting website for medium/large files? [POLL]

So I'm still trying to find the perfect replacement for Megaupload (hint: it doesn't exist). Instead of me picking and choosing, I'll let you guys do it since you are the ones who will be downloading.

Here is a poll with a few of the websites I know about. Vote for whichever is best for you, or offer a new website in the comments.


  1. *Split the video, and then using 7zip to re-join the video back again.
    That would work out excellent.

    *Or if you could make torrents of the video instead. That's more ideal and easier.

  2. Could you just make torrent files? They're easy to convert with the right software x

  3. If you use torrents, I will have a hrd time using them - in all honesty, I HATE torrents, but that is just me XD if it is a popular choice, do it :)

    btw I am such a mediafire lover lawls

  4. I'm sorry if this question is off topic or something, but can someone explain how torrents work?

  5. I have been already including torrents for the large files I upload (except for TPF releases, as they are on the tracker) but I don't want to exclusively turn to them unless I absolutely have to.

    And as expected, the Mediafire method is leading the pack. Because I still have issues creating .rars/.7z files on my PC, I have to create them on a different machine and then transfer them back here, which is extra work, but I'm not against doing it.

  6. @MiracleHappyLove: I made a video about torrents on one of my old Youtube channels. Too bad it's gone~

    Anyway here are some of the basics. Unlike direct downloads where a video is hosted on a company's server (like Megaupload), torrents are hosted on a person's computer (like mine). And you would download directly from that person.

    This is good because you don't have to worry about the file going missing because it's on my PC and I have full control over it.

    The "bad" thing is that in order for people to download, the uploader has to keep the torrent program open to share the file. As people finish downloading, they can help share it as well (which makes the download go faster for new people trying to get the video).

    It's a lot more complicate than that but I didn't want to make a super long comment. Here is more information:

  7. I recommend using "" and "". They both allow for a maximum upload size of 1GB.

  8. Go MEDIAFIRE!! :D
    The best of best!
    direct download and very good velocity!

  9. If you have problems splitting files with 7Zip/WinRAR you could always try to split them with HJSplit.

  10. I vote for HJSplit or WinRAR parts and MediaFire for as long as they are still up.

  11. mediafire is the best alternative although I think "" is acceptable

  12. file splitter and joiner v3.3 is one of the best file splitting software.... you can try that...

  13. Looks like I'm one of the few that prefers Depositfiles.
    Oh well...

  14. i prefer to split the file (rar or HJsplit, etc)and upload to MF,
    because for me, it's easy to donwload parts of large file, like when i only have short time, then i can download other part next time :)

  15. I prefer Mediafire to any other sites.

  16. Even though Mediafire's a fast downloading site, everyone has to keep in mind that files get deleted out of nowhere. Honestly even though i prefer sometimes MF, ever since FS has returned, the dl speed has been AMAZING!

  17. I vote for MF because :

    1. it's one of the most stable speed that I can get compared to other filehosting.

    2. My download speed is not so fast (only 4mbps), and shared with my family. So splitting the video into few files makes it easier for me to download some parts on daytime (if the line not busy), and later at midnite continue with another parts.

    3. Some filehosting support bigger file size, but if my line disconnected, usually I can't resume the download (depends on which filehosting). That's also where multiple parts will help me. If I can't resume the download, atleast I'll need to only re-download another 200MB instead of 1GB or whatever the full video size is.

  18. Thank you everyone for your input.

    Splitting & using Mediafire has won an overwhelming majority so I'll be using that method for every video from now on.

    I'll also offer a single-link download option from either Fileserve, Depositfiles, Wupload, or another website that allows uploading large files (at least 1 GB). I'll have to test a few websites and wait a few more days on the poll to get definitive results.

    And I'll also offer torrents for special occasions (i.e. ADDP videos, new concerts, etc).

  19. I prefer Mediafire, eventhough it must be parted but the they supported for Downloader Softwares and multi downloads (beside the reasons have been told above).
    Too bad Jedi san have some problems with Rar/Zip, if only I could help you (too bad I can't ^_^).

    I agree with others Jedi san may use Splitter softwares like HJSplit or others, they are good.
    頑張って ジェディさん ^_^.


  21. Maybe, mediafire will give you a little more work to do for split the files in 200 MB parts... but now, is the best server for us ^-^

    And I really appreciate your work, thank you very much! :D


  23. @ jedimastertrunks

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  24. ^ New links:

  25. ^I'm very thankful you know ^_^

    Keep it up
    Have a nice day XD