Sunday, January 29, 2012

Buono! - Hatsukoi Cider/DEEP MIND Single V download link

On this Single V is the Hatsukoi Cider PV,

the DEEP MIND PV (I had forgotten how hot everyone looks in it, wow),

and solo versions of Hatsukoi Cider starting with Momoko,

then Miyabi,

and finally, Airi.

Hatsukoi Cider:


Hatsukoi Cider Momo Ver:

Miya Ver:

Airi Ver:

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  1. Very nice! They look great! (the videos as well as the girls!)
    I hope you can find the time to encode the rest of the BD PV collections.
    Because the quality of the videos posted right now on H!O just makes me sad...

  2. Ah, I saw that there are many different videos of the PV collections posted but I haven't checked any of them out to see how they look. But yeah I plan to work on the rest of the HD PVs. The SD PVs will take forever to edit though, so no promises on those (besides Morning Musume and Berryz's since I already promised to work on those).

  3. Both videos are great and I forgot how hot the girls looked in DEEP MIND PV too XD Especially Airi

  4. I never really listen to Buono.. when I do.. I think they're the best unit in HP.


  5. jeje I thought that the version with every girl was like the others versions where they only sing their parts and I was totally wrong!!! It's a complete individual version!!! That is so cool!!!!