Thursday, January 19, 2012

Megaupload is gone & how you can help us stop SOPA

Just in case you haven't heard the news, Megaupload no longer exists.

How does this effect Airiindeshou? Well, I almost exclusively used MU when I first started and it is (was) my favorite filesharing website even now, so many months of files were lost both from here and from Chobi's blog as well.

I'm not going to re-upload everything, but if you stumble across an old post with the download links removed or dead MU links, you can request a re-upload by emailing me at I will only re-upload files smaller than 1 GB because I'm currently working out the Winrar/7zip problem I'm having when I split larger files (this is the only thing holding up the SD version of Aichan's graduation concert - it's already encoded).

PS, if you don't want this to happen to other websites, the best thing you can do now is protest SOPA/PIPA.

If you live in the US, there are many ways to do this such as calling/writing your state's representative, or just by filling out one (or as many as you want!) of the many online petitions. Here is one from Google, here is one from Firefox that emails your state's Congress members, here is one from Vote for the Net that automatically lets your local senator know you oppose SOPA/PIPA, here is one from Don't Censor the Net!, here is an excellent one from Stop American Censorship, and here is one from Demand Progress addressing President Obama that mentions Megaupload specifically.

If you don't live in the US, this still effects you and you can still help. Here is a petition to the US State Department you can sign. And more importantly, share this post (especially with your American friends)! I tweeted a link to this post so if you have a twitter account, feel free to just retweet it! Otherwise, use any means you can to raise awareness. These bills cannot be allowed to pass.

PPS, if you don't know what SOPA/PIPA is and have been confused throughout this post, here is a nice (but slightly outdated) graphic that does a great job of explaining it (click for fullsize).

Or if you prefer a video explaining it:


  1. Why don't you just split the big files with hjsplit or FFSJ? (it'll need some work on the downloaders part, but nothing a tutorial can't solve. Jdownloader does it automatically)

    And have you tried making the rars without compression ("store") and no recovery record? Maybe there's a setting that's causing you the problems.

  2. I have both but yeah, I wanted to keep things "mainstream" (by not requiring a program that I'm guessing most people have never heard of), but I may have to end up doing it that way.

    Yes. I've been working on tests with a reader of Airiindeshou, but at the moment I don't have time to open my case and test stuff (it's looking like a motherboard problem - possibly the USB ports. Or maybe even a problem with my HDDs).

  3. I want MPAA and RIAA gone forever

  4. I want MPAA and RIAA gone forever

  5. The government is just proving that even if SOPA and PIPA don't pass, they don't need those bills' support to cripple us. I'm beyond pissed about this. I had a MU account, I don't think anything was on it but I had the thing for YEARS. Mark my words, YouTube is next. And as such people around the world should be worried. ಠ_ಠ

    Here's an informative video on SOPA and ACTA:

  6. Ya I posted about this topic as well though I didn't say anything about contacting your Rep. both House & Senate for that was the logical step to take. Lets just hope Tracker isn't taken out. Without that I couldn't follow Momusu much at all anymore.

  7. SOPPORT! that's all we need for the SOPA! XD
    maybe it is stupid but it is an spashish word-game
    SOPA: Soup (in english)
    so we here say like (I Don't like the Soup)
    XD Bakka!

  8. buen chiste Ryochan
    50 gb of idol stuff FOR SHARING porpouses in my megaupload account are gone Who is next rapidshare? mediafire?

  9. ^ ♥♥♥ I like that!

    I've been watching some of Anonymous' (a group of anonymous hackers) actions and retaliations on TheAlyonaShow (@YT). I haven't been following that but now I most definitely am.

    I know it might be blown out of proportion but I do feel that this is a whole lot bigger than the government wants us to think it is. Maybe I've watched "Hackers" and "V For Vendetta" one to many times but I do think this could become a very similar situation.

  10. Guess what! It's over! (For now.)
    YEAH! We did it! (​numbers )
    I believe the government will still try to take down sites rather than find the right way to go about it but at least they won't have SOPA/PIPA supporting them.


    Here's the e-mail that was just sent out:
    "Hi everyone!

    A big hurrah to you!!!!! We’ve won for now -- SOPA and PIPA were dropped by Congress today -- the votes we’ve been scrambling to mobilize against have been cancelled.

    The largest online protest in history has fundamentally changed the game. You were heard.

    On January 18th, 13 million of us took the time to tell Congress to protect free speech rights on the internet. Hundreds of millions, maybe a billion, people all around the world saw what we did on Wednesday. See the amazing numbers here and tell everyone what you did.

    This was unprecedented. Your activism may have changed the way people fight for the public interest and basic rights forever.

    The MPAA (the lobby for big movie studios which created these terrible bills) was shocked and seemingly humbled. “‘This was a whole new different game all of a sudden,’ MPAA Chairman and former Senator Chris Dodd told the New York Times. ‘[PIPA and SOPA were] considered by many to be a slam dunk.’”

    “'This is altogether a new effect,' Mr. Dodd said, comparing the online movement to the Arab Spring. He could not remember seeing 'an effort that was moving with this degree of support change this dramatically' in the last four decades, he added."

    Tweet with us, shout on the internet with us, let's celebrate: Round of applause to the 13 million people who stood up - #PIPA and #SOPA are tabled 4 now. #13millionapplause

    We're indebted to everyone who helped in the beginning of this movement -- you, and all the sites that went out on a limb to protest in November -- Boing Boing and Mozilla Foundation (and thank you Tumblr, 4chan)! And the grassroots groups -- Public Knowledge, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Demand Progress, CDT, and many more.

    #SOPA and #PIPA will likely return in some form. But when they do, we'll be ready. Can you make a donation to Fight for the Future, to help us keep this fire going?

    P.S. China's internet censorship system reminds us why the fight for democratic principles is so important:

    In the New Yorker: "Fittingly, perhaps, the discussion has unfolded on Weibo, the Twitter-like micro-blogging site that has a team of censors on staff to trim posts with sensitive political content. That is the arrangement that opponents of the bill have suggested would be required of American sites if they are compelled to police their users’ content for copyright violations. On Weibo, joking about SOPA’s similarities to Chinese censorship was sensitive enough that some posts on the subject were almost certainly deleted (though it can be hard to know).
    After Chinese Web users got over the strangeness of hearing Americans debate the merits of screening the Web for objectionable content, they marvelled at the American response. Commentator Liu Qingyan wrote:

    ‘We should learn something from the way these American Internet companies protested against SOPA and PIPA. A free and democratic society depends on every one of us caring about politics and fighting for our rights. We will not achieve it by avoiding talk about politics.’"

    (press release is here: https://​​m/press-releases/ )

  11. *sigh*at the idiots who runs the government...I'm sure they don't even know how the internet actually works...

  12. what happen to hello online I can't get accet to the web site

  13. what happen to hello online I can't get accet to the web site

  14. I can understand megaupload being gone
    but youtube has a different aim so I think its fine

    Stupid american government ruining the internet for the rest of the world
    that guy from Megaupload got arrested in New Zealand it made our headlines heheheh