Monday, January 2, 2012

Airiindeshou & Chobineko's 2012 Hopes and Predictions

2011 is over and it's now time to do my usual hopes & predictions post. Due to Risa's graduation announcement the "No graduations" thing I wanted last year doesn't work for this year either. Let's enjoy the short time we still have with MM's prince!

I asked Chobineko to participate by giving her hopes & predictions too, having two points of view is rather funny, I think. I'd like to do this type of post more often (with me and Chobi both offering something in one post), so let us know in the comments if you like it!


What I want to happen in 2012

  • C-ute's 2nd Alo-Hello to be awesome
So C-ute's 2nd trip to Hawaii was canceled last year and we didn't get to see awesome C-ute beach action. I just hope that it will be much better than the other Hello! Project groups' Hawaii trips (though to be fair, Morning Musume's Alo-Hello 5 wasn't bad).

  • Berryz or C-ute weekly #1
Who knows how many years we have left with Berikyuu (especially with all of the changes to Hello! Project in 2011). It would be a shame for them to never top the Oricon charts at least once. If it happens, it will have to be on a week where no big name group releases and Berikyuu will have to sell more than usual, but it's certainly possible.

  • New H!P Kids audition
As I said above, I don't know how much Berikyuu has left. If either (or both; scary!) left, Hello! Project would instantly become so empty. I would love to start grooming the next generation of idols for Berikyuu to pass the torch to (eventually).

What I think will happen in 2012

  • Another Mobekimasu single
Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku was too awesome and sold too well to not have a repeat in 2012. If it does happen, I really hope they continue the nationwide promotion and appear on a ton of TV shows in the process.

  • Aichan releases a solo single
Although she is focusing on acting now, her voice is too great to stop singing. I'm not expecting 4 singles a year or anything, but it would be nice if we got 1 or 2. I'm thinking that in 2012, Aichan will have her solo debut.

  • A new sub-unit
I think that 2012 will also see the debut of a new H!P sub-unit. At the moment, we only have one (Buono! and maybe High-King, but that group is basically destroyed now that Aichan and Yuuka are gone), which seems a little weird considering that in H!P's history, there were always a ton of them. It would be a great way to promote Morning Musume's 9th or 10th gen and allow them to shine in a different setting. Personally, I'd love to see a Chisato, Zukki, Yurina, and one or two 9th/10th gen members in a group together.


What I want to happen in 2012

  • More interest for the overseas fans
So, yeah, I wish they were more and more H!P concerts and why not auditions overseas ? Of course, you will tell me that there's a minimum, small chance that it happens. Because all Japan lovers worldwide aren't all Idols fans, because the Idol world isn't that attractive as the KPOP artists that are touching the whole world in the moment ; especially H!P which is, to be honest, not as it real top since two to three years, even if it sometimes varies and that we know some increase. But, I sincerely and deeply think that the foreign fan base is enough for this type of event. They already understood that most of the fans were in Europe & in USA and I wish they could try instead of being locked in Japan (and sometimes Hawaii).

  • An equal promotion for each group.
UP-FRONT* knows how to promote a group. They just don't do it often. The result can be pretty cool if there  wasn't any lack of promotion for some groups and a bigger amount for some. Look at Mobekimasu's result, S/Mileage's result and look at Berikyuu. Don't you see something different? It's kinda confusing. They're promoting a group BECAUSE thanks to the promotion they did before, the group is working and so they continue, but almost stop to pay attention to the others and lost awesome songs.
*when I talk about UP-FRONT, I speak about what you guys are calling "Tsunku". I don't like to say it's him in charge of all the things, because he's surely not, so I prefer to talk about the whole society than resting on one person's shoulders.

  • No more crappy birds costumes.

What I think will happen in 2012

  • More communication with the fans.
Lately, I think that it's increasing for this thing. More videos on their Youtube channel, for all fans - even if it's not yet all in English subtitles. On the Facebook pages, too, and through the Twitter of the staff members..  I think that it's something they should do more, because you can't really - for the foreign fans - have a "contact" with the groups / idols and it's pretty reserved to the Japanese fans. I think they're actually realizing that and will take care of it.

  • A new group.
Thinking about it now, it seems sooo unrealistic. But hey, I have hope! I really think H!P will have a new group this year, or as Airiindeshou said a new unit. I think that H!P need a refreshment. And it's not by adding a ton of members to the actual group that it will work, in my opinion. I think it needs a new thing... R&B style? ahah.

  •  A new Mobekimasu single.
Same as Airiindeshou. It worked so well, I might be sincerely surprised if they don't try to do another one. If it happens, I really hope it won't be a crappy song just to sell singles, but a real one to promote H!P. I think that all of them together as they are can change anything. We got new talents and the others well-known members that are all pillars of the H!P family. I believe in them.

  • A spectacular change.
I don't know what it'll be. But I think there will be a sincere big change this year for H!P. I don't know if it'll be good or really bad, all I know is that since last year everything is moving. They have a strategy. With all the new members, and that fact that some aces are quitting, UP-FRONT will try something, and if they don't then that's because they seriously need to live in 2012 and not 10 years in the past.

What are your thoughts and opinion about the following year? Share!


  1. A New Mobekimasu Single, more things about ºC-ute
    Ai-Chan's Solo Single!! XD
    A Good Line Divition! ^^

  2. It's great to have so many predictions, I don't really have any (not yet, I'm still shocked of Risa's announcement : too many graduations in too short time...)
    But the ideas sound good and for example, the one about a new group/unit would be really nice : if I had somethin I want to happen, it would be a duet unit/group, I think that it would really be nice. And I'm not talking about something like W, because.. it was quite unique and fitting Aibon and Nono's characters, but maybe something more smooth and adult, like ballads or so. Or maybe something a bit like Kikkawa Yuu..
    However, something I'd want to happen would be a duet group or unit (if a unit, maybe something like Chisato and Saki whose voices would work together I think or if it were to be from the new gens, maybe Riho or Mizuki and Haruka !)

    As for more things out of Japan, I think they're trying : Berryz Kobo went to the USA, Morning Musume came to Japan Expo in Paris 2 years ago, and Buono! are coming in 40 days (yeah, I'm french) so I think it's already a good step forward ! We need to remember that it's quite pricy and hard to organize since they have they're schedules in Japan to follow. But I think that if there are 1 or 2 concerts each year in europe or usa, it's already a good thing !

    Sorry for that long comment...
    And happy new year !

  3. More then predictions... I'll write about stuff the UFA/H!P SHOULD do in 2012.

    What made Morning Musume/H!P awesome back then? I bet UFA and Tsunku knows. From songs, promotion, and dances, H!P needs to go back in time. Berryz are not THAT old to be singing mature songs like "Yo ga Akeru". Although it is a nice change, but Berryz are changing from something that was working for them. More like, this is happening to H!P over the years. They are trying to change but it was always working for them.

    Yes, there needs to be a change in there also. This gets a little technical and business-like but that's part of this industry. 2 original songs and 1 instrumental for 1000 yen is not much of a deal imo. Even their itunes prices are cheaper. And it is not like there are much bonuses except having a physical disc. They should also market their single/album/songs so that fans WANT IT FOR THE SONG, not just get them to buy it because their favs say to do so. Who can really say that fans like EVERY SINGLE SONG that they have to buy 10+ copies of it...

    Really... what it is the deal with them? Why can't you just put it with the DVD that comes with the single? Besides, the DVDs with the singles are pretty minimal already.

    I think one major reason why the girls are not on TV (esp in prime time) is that they have multiple tours throughout the year. They need to practice and perform for those which takes time away from any form of TV appearances or regular appearances.

    5. DRAMAS!
    Um... please? I think UFA should get the girls into dramas. Yes, I know they have one in January but it is not those prime time dramas in Japan. It's at 2am in the morning for gods sake!

    I mean, to the public. Right now, I think most of the public will know Momo, Sayu, and Reina about 90% of the time. The rest, I highly doubt they will know their names or even THE GROUP without mentioning H!P/Morning Musume. So once the 3 above leave (esp Sayu and Reina), H!P doesn't have much to gain fans unless they show off the other members.

    This is some I have... there are A LOT more but it should be sufficient for now...

  4. I think that if Chobi's desire of not having anymore crappy bird costumes comes true, we will all be happy

  5. I will just comment on what I hope for, since I already jinx myself (risa graduating too soon) with my predictions. I hope that this year, momusu or c-ute will sell over 50,000 on a single , we get a new group debut or a Karin miyamoto debut, and mari yaguchi has a baby. Oh, and I want up up girls to have a successful Korean debut and yuu Kikkawa gets a #1 single.

    I think there should be a good mature/sexy band like Biyuden was! That was a big H!P mistake, disbanding Biyuden!
    Maybe a band with girls that can actually play an instrument? Something like SCANDAL...
    Stop recruiting 12 years old gilrs!! Momusu was having cool songs lately, and now all of the sudden we are back with super childish songs like Maji Desu Ka SKA, Kare To Issho Ni and the awful Pyoko Pyoko Ultra! Why? Because a 12 year old singing Naichau Kamo or making a sexy dance like Kimagure Princess's just looks bad!
    Back to great concerts like the 2006 one, where Konno graduated... The last concerts I saw (YEAHx2 and WOWx2) where in such a little place, almost no decoration and a really petit stage...

    And I agree with Chobi! No more birds costumes! Or simple clothes with lots of stupid things attached to it! No more!

  7. I wish that H!P will continue on branching out... H!P Taiwan is dying out with just two little girls singing some random songs, or classics that had changes in lyrics. Or at least branch out to AMerica, A LOT of H!P fans in the states, and if that happens, have an american unit, maybe with mixtures of races.... it's been a while since an ACTUAL foreigner got into the project... (JunLin doesn't count since they are ASIAN and somewhat, i mean like MIKA)

  8. OH! I was forgetting of something!! I would love for them to stop singing Love Machine and Renai Revolution21 in every concert/little show/TV appearence!!
    Dorimusu should make more singles! (Shining Butterfly's preview looks AMAZING!)
    Koharu, get back to your old voice!
    And just ONE prediction... Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari with the 9th and 10th Gen girls XD

  9. I want more sub-units, shuffle groups etc. Though I want them to actually release something new instead of doing covers.

    A new H!P groups would be nice because eventually Berikyuu is going to disband because of that "acceptable idol age."

    And I wish they would do a worldwide H!P tour, if not H!P than a H!P group at least. I would love to attend an H!P concert..

    Also did I mention that I love the new layout?

  10. A spectacular change -- I feel this will happen really strongly too! I'm not quite sure what exactly it will be, but I almost feel like having a new group debuting this year will add to it.
    H!P Kids auditions would be nice, but I think that's what Eggs are for. I seriously think there will be a new group this year or sometime soon because of the H!P Egg auditions.
    H!P needs to search for another soloist too lol. I'd rather have a new group than a soloist though.
    I think a new Egg group could go indies this year and continue their Egg duties like S/mileage did. Rie, Karin, Sayuki, Nanami, and Wakana would become official idols and the new Eggs from the audition would start their training.
    With all the graduations and new members, it looks like H!P is really trying to change things around and start a new generation. I don't think Berikyuu will be gone anytime soon, but I think S/mileage is the Morning Musume of this new generation. Also, me thinks Berikyuu will get all the sexy songs now. XD
    I think H!P needs another soloist too though, but I would rather have a new group first.
    /sorry for writing an essay lol

  11. There were a lot of things listed here that sounded interesting...

    Firstly, I don't think Berryz or C-ute are going anywhere anytime soon. Both groups are solid and strong, and they've only ever lost members, so adding more (or taking some away) is unlikely, so taking the group as a whole away... they have too much of a fanbase, and H!P would lose a lot of fans in doing that. So I think Berryz and C-ute are okay. :) As for a new H!P Kids audition, I've read that Tsunku-san has no plans in adding them, as the current H!P kids (Berikyu) are the only ones. He adds girls through the Eggs, so H!P Kids would be pointless. :)

    I agree with all the stuff about a new unit, Mobekimasu single and an Ai-chan solo debut~.

    As far as expansion into the U.S.A, it's also kinda far-fetched. Not the parts about concerts, but auditions here. You have to think about this this way:
    The age requirments for H!P auditions are between 10 and 17 years of age. If people were to pass this audition, they'd have to go to Japan. That's where H!P is, works, and does their bussiness. Families can't afford to move to Japan, as it's very expensive to live there. On top of that, kids need schooling, place to live, and of course, Japanese lessons which takes up a lot of time. Parents won't want their children living halfway across the world on their own either, as most parents aren't interested in learning Japanese and moving to Japan when they have a life in their own country, and most parents (like mine) don't exactly jump for joy at their child's choice in music - in my case, especially my father. :P It isn't practile in any way you look at it, unfortunatly.

    Also, I should mention, Tsunku is very much apart of almost everything which is why he's automaticly blamed for most things. Up-Front does a lot of the promoting, so you are right there, but her does decide everything for lyrics (he writes them), costumes for concerts and PVs, PV designs, covers for singles, concert stage set up, setlists for concerts, and everything in between. :) But yes, I think equal promoting for every group is a must. S/mileage is so promoted it's ridiculous, and Berryz is so unpromoted it's sad. Although Berryz has been boring me lately.

    Anyways, I think I'd like to see more H!P concerts in Canada (Pleeeeasse~!!) and better songs (Berryz, C-ute and Morning Musume didn't impress me this year very much, and this year with chickens is not starting off good) and good quality PVs, but other than that, I'm fine with H!P as it currently is. :) I'd like to see no one else leave H!P for a little while too, would be nice...

    I LOVE the new layout! It's great, please keep working hard!

  12. I honestly believe that another Momusu member is going to graduate before the end of the year.

  13. ^I hope no xD after Risa graduation i won´t have a strong and clear favourite (Zukki is 2nd now) so i hope to find a new love xD

    I will be happy with more TV promotion for C-ute and Chisato´s 3rd Solo Live (the world needs Oka-Rock)...just that xD

  14. I'd like to see a new H!P soloist debut this year, since we still only have Mano (Kikka is technically UFA and not H!P). I would not be surprised to see a new group/soloist debut this year. With Niigaki graduating I think it'd be interesting if she debuted as a soloist, she'd be suited to this "R&B style" Chobi mentioned I think.

    I'd also like to see MM sell 50k again (I mean, they should be releasing their 50th single this year so I'd like to see that have some good sales). I think we will have an 11th generation audition coming sometime at the end of the year or so with probably fewer added members than recently, and possibly another graduation (probably Tanaka).

    I doubt anything overly exciting/frightening will happen to Berryz, C-ute, or S/mileage this year (hopefully...).

  15. Dear Up-Front,

    Please please PLEASE do amazing something with Karin! ;-;

    Loving Fan,

  16. I think they should do a subgroup with all of 2011's new members. They are already put together for a performance in the Winter concerts. Why not?

  17. OK, here are my predictions:

    1st -- Things will heat up in the H!P section of Up-Front

    I doubt that the senior members of MM will accept every idea of their management or "mastermind" Tsunku. One possible outcome of this conflict might be more rights and responsibilities for these members when discussing promotional events and tactics. My hopes lies in the natural communication talent of Sayumi. One thing I'm sure: with the state of MM right now, she will not beg anymore, like in the past for her blog, but demand actions. In worst case we'll see more sudden graduations, this time within MM.

    Tied to this one: Should MM not perform as expected, the other two main groups will definitively demand a bigger slice of the promotional budget. They are now old enough to discuss these things with an serious attitude with Up-Front's management, while MM is right now mostly composed with kids. Or there will be sudden graduations here, too.

    2nd -- Up-Front will still struggle with new ways to connect with (potential) fans, especially on Facebook and Google+. And international fans still get neglected.

    Up-Front seems to divide the world in those, who pay the fan club fees and those who don't. While the former gets the full (which is absolutely correct, since they are paying), they overlook the potential of the "standard" fan. AFAIK there is no official central platform where these fans can meet. Take a look at several Facebook pages of Trance and Electronic Music DJs (Tiësto, Above&Beyond, etc) to see what is international possible, without the support of a major record label. Too far fetched? How about AKB48's Google+ page, which seems to have established itself as new, central meeting point.

    And international fans will continue to get neglected, and they will continue to ignore these half-hearted efforts. Want a proof? Niigaki's graduation announcement is almost 24 h old, yet at this moment on the Up-Front international Facebook they are still wishing a "Happy New Year". I'm not surprised: it's a one-man show. To make it even worse, their official Facebook page has around 3100 likes while the unofficial, community driven Facebook page, which is faster and more up-to-date, has nearly 30,000 likes. Add the likes of of the other main groups, and I'm not so sure if the official page will get the support, it will need, in order to succeed. If Up-Front has to cut the corners this year (recession anyone?) this page will be probably one of the first to go.

    So don't expect subtitles or anything similar in the future. (I wish I was wrong, though.)

    3rd - A spectacular change

    I completely agree. This will be one of the toughest years for Up-Front. I always thought that AKB48 was a hype, which would fade away to normal levels. But they are not. Akimoto even included an expiration date for AKB, to avoid the problems that MM is plaguing right now: Having inexperienced members and a daunting catalogue of songs.

    My comment might sound very negative, but I really hope that this danger of crisis might shake off some old habits and let the girls participate more actively and with less restrictions.

  18. Only wish for 2012.....C-ute concert in North America!

  19. i hope they put more concerts on youtube ^.^
    i also hope for a new group, more maasa-hime lines,miyamoto karin as a solo artist?

  20. LOL. I like the "crappy bird costume". I think it's really cute, for the younger members only though. XD Aside from that, I honestly dislike the recent singles from Berryz (especially when they started singing songs for Inazuma Eleven). I prefer their old singles like Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai or Jiriri Kiteru and the like.

    I love the concerts too but I wished they had more TV time. *sighs* TV time would be great for them and promotion. <3

    My prediction for 2012... Hm, I think there'll be more graduations. I feel like Reina and Sayumin's graduation announcement is not that far away. (As much as hate to admit it) And, I think something big will happen too. I just have a gut feeling that something big will happen. UFA can be unpredictable sometimes lolz.

  21. I'll keep it simple.

    The only thing I'm 100% certain will happen in 2012 is the addition of 3rd generation S/mileage members. Either through audition or from Eggs (or Hello Project Trainees as they are being called now). If I were a betting man, that would be where I'd put all my money.

    I'd say a new group seems somewhat likely as well. As are 11th generation Morning Musume auditions/additions late in the year.

    Other than that, I mainly would like another Mobekimasu single.

    That's it really as I'm quite satisfied with the musical direction H!P is going (especially Pyoko Pyoko Ultra).

  22. For me, I just want sub-units. As said above by Suma, it'd be great to have at least some of the new members of 2011 in a group together with a separate name, new songs, and especially their own PVs!

    Sub-units really do pull in new fans, because they seem fresh and unrelated to the main group. Searching up members brings those new fans to the MAIN group, which would otherwise be neglected. For me, I really liked High-King. Then I discovered that some awesome members came from Morning Musume, whose name I used to glance at and not care for.

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  24. I hope Morning Musume has no more auditions this year!! haha I think one generation a year is more than enough and Tsunku pushed it last year with 2
    if they really feel the need I hope they don't have more or less than 2 people as that would probably be enough for me to need to take a break from MM

    I would like to see a new Predebut group (i'd rather they not debut til next year)

    More HPT!!

  25. After reading all the comments,I realized that the groups really don't do tv,commercials,promos ,etc as much as they should. So I hope that this year all the groups will do more promotional work . And I agree that H!P needs to pay attention to foreign fans more. I would also like them to fire the designer working with the girls right now and hire someone more fashion forward. Lastly I would like Iida kaori to have another baby (not likely) and(I know I will get hanged for this) a 11th generation audition for momusu.


    So basically the things that everyone want/hope/think there will be are :
    * More work with Miyamoto Karin & things to happen with Eggs - I think it's quite a good idea, I really hope they will use them more -
    * A spectacular changement but we still don't know what
    * More communication with the fans, paying attention to the overseas one & more promotion!!
    * A new group or a new (shuffle) unit - or a new solist, eventually -

    I agree with the "more concerts on Youtube", I didn't think about it while writing my hopes. And the "Get rid of the Single V" idea isn't too bad lol. Majority of the things you said are pretty full of sense guys. I think we all have more ideas than UP-FRONT themselves XD

  27. WHAT I WANT:

    - New group! I really really really REALLY want a new group! I'll be happy with a sub-group/shuffle unit, though.
    - A more upbeat song for Mano Erina


    - New S/mileage album. I guess it's an easy prediction, so it's more like what I hope for, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna happen, so I just put it down here. I know in Jpop people mostly pay attention to singles, but I'm a big fan of full-length albums. Now that their lineup seems to be stable again, I believe it's time for a second album!

    - A Berikyuu member will graduate. (please, Lord, don't let it be any of the Buono! members)

    My predictions are kinda crappy. :P

  28. I predict 1 or 2 ppl graduating from Berryz or C-ute. So they problaby going to merge the groups together berikyuu.

  29. i hope no more sad news bring too much tears i hope everthing get better and the girls will do their best too