Saturday, January 28, 2012

Morning Musume 2011 Fall Concert 480p encode torrent

This is the SD version of Morning Musume's 2011 Fall Concert. I would suggest the HD version, but if you want to have this video with a smaller filesize (the total filesize here is 2.2 GB) or have a really old PC or something, this version is for you.

Do note that the only way to download this right now is via a torrent. I will eventually put up direct downloads but I don't know when (if anyone wants to download from the torrent and upload them somewhere, feel free and I'll add the links to this post).

Torrent link:

Although it would be nice, don't worry too much about seeding. It is hosted on a private tracker and you don't have to worry about keeping a specific ratio or anything.

PS, I also updated the HD version download link post with Mediafire links (that were uploaded thanks to an Anon).


  1. I downlaoded the concerts parts 1 and 2 from Mediafire... but the second one says that Media Player cannot play the file because it either is a file that cannot be reconized or it can't read the 'codec' (don't know what that is?) that was used to compress the file... but the first part doesn't do that... Also, the 'extensions' (00.1 and 00.2) couldn't be reconized, but I don't understand... help? I like using Mediafire but I don't know whats up with the videos when downloading from it? I dunno... I'm not good with these things. lol I stopped downloading the rest because I didn't want a whole bunch on unplayable concert parts on my laptop that I'll just put in the trash folder later.

    I was going to buy the Blue Ray, but it's $111 on YesAisa which is WAY to expensive... so this is my only option. :( Please help... lol Sorry to be a bother.

  2. Download and install this program:

    You will need to download .003 and the rest of the parts and then you can join them together using the above program (ask if you need instructions on how to do that, but first download the rest of the parts).

  3. can it be uploaded somewhere just to watch?

  4. Here is disc 1:
    And the encore:

    I'll make a post about it later

  5. Great performance, a case for a good torrent search engine I would say.

  6. um.. I kinda new in this kinda thing.. I really want to download concert but I hope the file size isn't too big. can u help me somehow??