Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New singles = new outfits!

Hi everyone! Chobi here. I FEEL LIKE STAYING IN THIS BLOG TOO MUCH TIME SINCE I CHANGED THE LAYOUT. Today - it's already Wednesday 4 in France, yes, I feel like posting at 5:15 a.m - I'm going to speak about the new outfits they use for H!P's new singles. Yes a girlish post about style, since H!P's winter tour started, we had a preview of each of the singles and they logically shown the new outfits.

I really want to hear your opinions about the topic too! Of course I can visits some forums, but you all know how in certain the singles thread are pretty messy and it's rather complicated to catch everyone's opinions.

Courtesy : girlsnews & natalie.mu for the pictures.

Single : Pyoko Pyoko Ultra!

First reaction of 99% of the people : OMG WTH IS THAT. I was one of these people, and I'm still, even after the preview of the MV and all. But the girls seems to play with the funny aspect of these, which is something kinda cool, especially Reina.

+++ : The outfits are, for sure, following with the song! I guess it's a really strong point. Even if they seem so bad, and that most of the girls looks ridiculously cute in those, being able to find an outfit that matches with the song and creating a MV that will, too, is difficult and I think that it's really interesting. The fluffy white things on them are absolutely adorable.

--- : The shoes. Sincerely. They're realistic but they're friggin' ugly ahah.

For me, Reina & Gaki-san looks the best with those. Reina because she plays with it and Gaki because it's probably the best one and they managed to make her an hairstyle which is cute with it, too.

Single : Be genki ~naseba naru!~

First reaction : OMG WTH IS THAT n°2 and SEISHUN BUS GUIDE 2. It was.. unpredictable. I sincerely didn't though, by hearing the song from the audio rip, think that it'll be something like that. Since we didn't see a MV preview we can't really speak about them at the moment. They can be superb and if the MV isn't a bad green background. I want to see Berryz flying!!

+++ : As MM's one, they're unexpected but they match the song so much. Plus, by knowing BK, you know how they succeeded to make a quite good single with an absolutely ugly outfit - no, sincerely I didn't like the colors for Otakebi Boy WAO! - so it shouldn't be a problem for this one too, right?  I absolutely love the boots and the capes, Berryz are going to kick everyone out !

--- : I don't see anything here that is too "bad". I would prefer the yellow oversleeve (is that the right word?) in another way but it's not something hateful at all.

I personally think that Miya, Maasa and Captain are looking great with these.

°C-UTE (you're jealous because I can make ° with my French keyboard bwaha)
Single : Kimi wa jitensha, watashi wa densha de kitaku

I'm sincerely happy that they are one of the outfit used for the single - Airi said there will be two -.

+++ : Everything is so good. Stylish, mature and at the same time sexy. I missed that °C-ute style and also that all the members wear the same outfit ; there's just few differences actually : Chisato and Nakky are the only ones having a belt buckle in that way ; Maimi, Airi and Maimai are the only one having a top that let appear their belly and Maimi, Nakky and Mai the three having a collar ; and Chisato & Maimi the only ones having lace on their skirts.

--- : We didn't see the MV, so as Berryz's case it'll be quite strange to review that already but I think that, unfortunately, even if the outfits are gorgeous it doesn't match the sound of the song at all and that's something really bad. Of course they have to do some "cool" outfits for the lives and probably the covers, to attract but promoting a kinda calm and mature song with a rockish and sexy outfit isn't the best. But I'm sure they won't use that one in the MV, so I can't wait for it. Also, I hope that the girls don't feel bad dancing with these skirts, even if the dance isn't that dynamical.


Single : Tasogare Kousen

I don't really follow Manoeri, so I didn't know that she was going to sing another song than "Doki Doki Baby", but I'm really surprised about the outfit. It seems to be like a "princess" outfit but it feels - at least for me - such as they mixed a cute dress with a sparkly heroine dress...

+++ : The colours of the outfit. There's not too much colours but it's not plain, I guess it's something good? The cut of the dress seems lovely too. So, I like it in some ways!

--- : The gloves and all the black parts on her chest and if I don't make any mistake there's also something on her shoulder, under her ear : bleh, that's too much!

I personally think that Manoeri looks the best with that outfit in the photo.Micro-san looks a bit embarassing.

Single : Choto Mate Kudasai!

Everyone's first reaction : OMG WTH SAME OUTFIT AS MM + S/MILEAGE LOGO (people know that you're only thinking that because of the colours) AND PINK IS MISSING (true thattttt). I'm personally surprised about the outfits. S/Milegs gave us the habits with uniforms, or rather original costumes - when I say original I speak about different for each members, such as aMa no Jaku and this isn't really one.

+++ : The dress are quite cool, well they're lovely. The cut is really simple yet appreciable, I don't really know what to think about the "It match the songs or not" at the moment, contrary to Berikyuu. We'll see that at the right time! The tights are ravishing, I sincerely like the "white/colour" effect. They're just really nice clothes!

--- : The buttons of the belt! I'm so shocked that is sincerely and absolutely disgusting! It's ruining the outfit, and doesn't suit the song at all. I'm just so disappointed. The thing I just said is a random sentence to fill this part and make people believe that I make good articles with jokes inside, because it'll be empty since I don't know what is detestable in these.

Rina, Takechan and Meimei are looking the best for me! Especially Take-chan which is sincerely noticeable in red.

My favourite outfits are : °C-ute & S/Mileage
The worst : I think they're all pretty original and awesome in their own way. Though I'm not convinced by Mano's one, sorry Mano!

What's your opinion about that? Which one is your favourite?

p.s : A special download is coming tomorrow for you guys! I'm sure that most of you are waiting for it.
p.s² : This article won at the "I CONTAIN THE WORD "OUTFIT(S)" TOO MUCH TIME BUT YOU FORGIVE ME" contest.

See you! 


  1. I think Berryz's outfits and new single are the most promising so far. You know the older girls in MoMusu have to be miserable in those dreadful outfits, and the PV scares me even more. C-ute and Mano's are just kinda meh, and S/mileage's concept was obviously stolen from a not-so-recent-but-recent-enough-to-vividly-remember MoMusu single.

  2. I dont need your french keyboard!!! all i need is a numpad!

    Alt+0176 for the win!!! ^.^

  3. LOL. I never realized there was such a thing as French keyboard.

    Anyways, I really like all the outfits. <3 Although, I miss the mature MoMusu but then again, considering they have a LOT of younger members, it's quite excusable - I think. I like S/mileage's outfit but... somehow, it doesn't sit right. Idk if it's just me or not.

    Bad outfits or not, I still love Hello! Project. <3

  4. @Amanda : MM's PV is kinda scary, right :p Though I think the dance is kinda funny.


    @美砂ちゃん★彡 : Mature Momusu will probably come after? I hope so. S/Mileage one is one of my favourite but as I said, I don't really know if it'll match the song or the MV. When I saw the covers for the single I was like "Ah." x)

  5. Hello Chobi!!!
    I actually have the same opinion on evey clothes as you.
    But I think the Pyoko Pyoko outfit fits the most on the Juukies, since they are like chickens :P And Risa can stil look vey mature in it!
    With the Berryz outfits, it reminds me the most of Heroine ni Narou Ka, but only cuz of the title :P

  6. I think the thing keeping me from liking the Smileage outfits is the white part of the dress. It's almost like a bib or something. I would have liked it better if it were all the solid color and had a white collar or something.

  7. in my Spanish Keyboard I can write too ºC-ute!! ^^ XD
    I think my favorites in some way are..... Pyoko's and Genkis ^^ I don know maybe ºC-uties are good too! ^^ and I really don't like Mano-Chan's :/

  8. YAY France~ a neighbor! I think the european keyboards are pretty much the same, the only difference to the german keybord I remember is that è and é are easier to write. They don't have their own button but something like that °~°

    Well, first I wasn't very fond of MM's new outfits at first, but since I saw them in the MV I think they are endlessly cute.
    I kinda like Berryz' outfits, but they're not my favourite.
    °C-ute's looks very cool and I like them very much, but as you said, they don't fit the song in any way. .___.
    When I first saw Mano's, I tought it's beautiful. The black keeps it from being too girly. I believe that thing on her shoulder is a hair accessory.
    I like like S/mileage's very much and I didn't think of MM until someone mentioned it. I just thought: "Oh, they're using their image colors! Yay!". The outfits are cut in another way and MM didn't have black in it, so that was enough difference to me xD

    And let's try a little french here: J'aime bien que tu écris sur ce blogue, cet article était très interessant. J'espére que tu échanges plus de tes opinions avec nous régulièrement.
    (My french horrible, I know xP)

  9. @JuulChii > Hiiiii! Eheh your "Hello Chobi" made me smile a lot n_n True that it fits the Juukies, too, but I thought that in a "stylish" way Reina was wearing it the best! But since it's cooler on kids, the recents generations looks awesome in that!

    @Holly > Mmmh now that you said that, it's true that the white looks a bit... I don't know, but it makes a weird contrast. That's pity because the tights are really beautiful with each member's colour.

    @ryochan95 > ....NO, NO SE PUEDE ESCRIBIR °! XD Ah, so you prefer the weird and original outfits then! That's kinda cool ~ :)

    @MiracleHappyLove > hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Ich lerne Deutsch in der schule, aber mein niveau ist durschnittlich, weil Deutsch schwer ist :( Dein komment süß ist! Du bist nett, danke schön ~ <3 Dein Franzosich ist bezaubernd schön :D

  10. I can make a ˚, too! Alt + K! For some reason mine is smaller, though.

    My favorite outfits were S/mileage's. I really liked Berryz, too. I thought theirs was unique without looking ridiculous (CHICKEN COSTUMES!).
    ˚C-ute's looks kinda like something Buono! would wear. (ME LUVS BUONO!!!!)
    Mano's was very pretty and fit her style very well. :)


    1. S/mileage
    2. Berryz Koubou
    3. Mano Erina
    4. ˚C-ute

    Morning Musume doesn't even deserve to be ranked on here. :P

  11. @Chobineko OMG ton allemand est trop chou! C'est vraiment bon! Merci pour ton compliment, mais ma prof ne pense pas que mon francais soit belle xD Je pense que je sois pesque la plus mauvaise dans ma classe... francais est difficile aussi xP

    I guess we're getting off topic, but I don't really mind to chat with you, writing in french is actually a great change. ^-^

    P.S: I know that the "c" in "francais" has some special symbol on it, but my keyboard doesn't have it~

  12. mmmm in my concept the Pyokco's are not ridiculous they dress like that because they have to but.... I think it is cretive... a little style Sayu but... welll XD
    I think ºC-ute's are similar to Kiss me Aishiteru's outfit.... I like them! but I don't like Mano's or not for that song! ^^

  13. Costumes: C-ute > MM > Mano > S/mileage > Berryz

  14. The MM isn't as bad as what they're using in the PV, the big wing thing is what gets to me in the PV and they downgraded that here.

    Berryz are cool super heroines :)

    C-ute's remind me of High-King and S/mileage reminds me of MM.

    Mano's ain't bad, pink and black always works well.

  15. S/mileage outfits look so much like the ones used in Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game! Berryz always looks awesome with the heroine look. I love C-ute outfits and I actually really like Mano Erina outfit. No words for Morning Musume though.

  16. I really like all the outfits except Momusu :D

    I'd like to say something about the degree sign in °C-ute, because I saw people use a lot of different characters for it in the comments. Chobineko, Zethgryn and MiracleHappyLove have it right. Ryochan95 is using the masculine ordinal indicator, which is used in the Spanish 1º (primero, first) etc. Shayna is using the "ring above" mark, which is used in the Czech letter Ů/ů.

    To make things even more complicated, in Japanese it isn't written as °C (degree sign + C), but as ℃ (a single character) ;-)

    OK, that's enough ranting for now. I'll just say one more thing: Happy birthday, Chobineko!

  17. @Radulfr: Ah, so that's why mine was smaller. :)