Friday, January 13, 2012

S/mileage - Choto Mate Kudasai screenshots + download link

S/mileage's new PV!

After their amazing Please Miniskirt Postwoman single, could S/mileage keep the momentum going without Yuuka?

This was my first time hearing the song since I didn't listen to any of the H!P 2012 Winter concert rips. My first impression is that it's a step down from Minisuka, but it's not bad.

The PV is overly cheap, but interesting. For example, the scenes where S/mileage are smooshed against glass (pictured above and below) were random elements that added something new and random to UFA's normal dance shot/close up PV formula.

Speaking of the dance, I think its the best part of the whole thing. It's pretty unique and fits the song well. For some reason, I especially like the choto mate kudasai dance moves.

The close up shots in the PV are pretty interesting too. They aren't typical stare and lipsync to the song close ups, but instead there is plenty of movement that adds life to those shots.

The outfits aren't bad even if they do resemble some of H!P's previous outfits. S/mileage pulls them off well.

And the girls themselves all look pretty as usual. I'm especially loving Kanon and her hair lately.

Kanon awesomeness below.

Overall, I think that Choto Mate Kudasai is a solid effort from S/mileage. It's not one of my favorites and I don't know if it will ever become one of my top played songs, but the song has some memorable parts (everyone's high notes, especially DAWA are awesome), the dance fits, the PV is fun without being over the top, and the outfits are good.

Download link (encoded from Youtube):

PS, here is hyper bouncy Meimi:



  1. I think this one is S/mileage's mmmm "worst" single.... I don't like so much the outfits and covers... but song is a bit good! ^^ and I really hate Meimei's hair! I DO NOT LIKE! ¬¬

  2. I really like how they had Kana be slow during some of the dance on purpose. XD

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  4. I don't like the song, PV, or costumes at all. The only small thing I did like was that Meimi moment. Thank you for the gifs of it! I was totally going to ask for one once I saw the Kanon one, since she deserves one, too, but you must have read my mind!

    I believe S/mileage can recover from the loss of Yuuka, but they're trying to prove it in a way I dislike.

  5. I love this single and pv! I honestly.never liked minisuka all that much..

  6. I'll probably be the exception and say I personally enjoy this song more than Postwoman. Considerably so.

  7. ^ Not a fan of bang!Meimi either. She looked good with them pre-S/mileage but for some reason they just aren't cooperating like her old ones.

    I've heard this from the winter concerts and I can tell you now, this will probably never be a great live song. The girls have to throw their voices too often to be able to execute the right pitch while dancing. So it's a mess at the concerts at the moment, only the "choto mate kudasai" part of the chorus sounds really good.

    That being said, I do LOVE the song as it was meant to heard. Every girl gets their shining moments. Well, for the most part, Kanon is still the line-hog of the bunch. I really love how Meimi's voice sounds when it's thrown, it's so very different from what we've heard from her.

    Such a mixed PV. It has bits of "Anataboshi", "Hatsukoi Cider", "Mr. Moonlight", "Onna to Otoko Lullaby Game", and a little Mini Moni-ness. Very nice choices.

  8. So far i only like yume miru 15 and chotomatakudasai best.

  9. I quite like it... but I Uchouten is still my favourite >.<
    BTW. Momusu's Pyoko Pyoko Ultra MV is also out on their youtube channel ^_^

  10. I really like both the song and the pv :D I liked the last song too. The new members are really cute!

  11. This single is really cute, the dresses are pretty and I love 6-nin S/mileage!

  12. i lol at their sliding socks..

  13. imo, the song is boring, the outfits remind me too much of "Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game", and the pv is boring [and that being stuck on the glass makes absolutely no sense in a not-good way]
    ready for the next single to see if there is any improvement

  14. i know that you are very busy , but when you gonna sub more HPT

  15. episode 30 will be released very soon