Thursday, January 26, 2012

[ADDP] Berikyuu 2011 Fall Concert - Donations Wanted!

Berikyuu's 2011 Fall Joint Concert is releasing in about a month (2/29), so I'm going to go ahead and start the Airiindeshou DVD Donation Project back up.

It is releasing in both DVD and Blu-ray formats on the same day, so of course, I'd rather get the Blu-ray version. It will be 7414yen total (this includes shipping). That's about $95 USD.

The normal DVD is 5500yen total (about $70 USD).

I will be accepting donations until 2/22 (one week before the release date).

Even if we get enough to pay for this, you may still continue to donate if you wish to enter yourself in the contest for it. Read more about how to donate here.

PS, I will be picking the winner for the Aichan graduation concert blu-ray tonight so check your email inboxes to see if you won. I'll email the winner! (And I'll post the results of the last few ADDP contest winners soon as well.)


  1. I am checking right now...I really hope I won this BR

  2. I wanted to donate so many times to you, but I'm only 16, my parents won't let me. When I get my own credit card, then I will hopefully donate soon!

  3. P.S. I really want to see Momoko's version of Momoiro Sparkling.

  4. Hey there! I will donate as soon as I get paid, but I'm not interested in being in the drawing for this one if you raffle it out. I still want to help though :)

  5. @Glenn: The winner has already been emailed so sorry but you didn't win. Thanks for donating though!

    @Yasser96: Thanks! And lol, for a second, I was wondering when Momoko joined C-ute then I remembered it was her solo.

    @antiswanky: Cool, thanks again!

  6. We already have half paid for (thanks neronero!) so I'll definitely be getting the Blu-ray version.

  7. CDJapan only had 3 copies of the blu-ray version left, so I went ahead and bought it. Again, you may still donate if you want to win this blu-ray DVD. Thanks to all who donated so far and helping me with another successful ADDP!