Friday, January 27, 2012

[ADDP] Contest winners!

All of these people already know that they won (and most of them have already received their prizes), but I wanted to at least make it public who the past few Airiindeshou DVD Project contest winners were. (To enter into one of those contests, you must donate at least $5 to any ADDP purchase. Read more here.)

Winner of the Rock'n Buono!4 Blu-ray: mewtwo1928

Winner of S/mileage's 2011 Fall Concert: kuribohchan

Winner of Aichan's graduation concert Blu-ray: antiswanky

A big congrats to those three donators! And a huge thanks to everyone who donated so far (12 of you and multiple repeat donators). It's been a big help, really.

PS, I will finally be giving away a few more copies of Aichan's graduation single to a few people soon. Contest details will be announced in the near future (this contest is only for people who entered in previous contests but didn't win).


  1. XD Ai-Chan's CD XD... Congrats to the winners!! ^^