Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mediafire account will be deleted soon

Just letting you guys know that my Mediafire account will probably be deleted soon (I got some emails saying that a bunch of my files were deleted and that my account has strikes now) so if you've been waiting to download some files, it's now or never!

I'm not going to bother uploading everything again because I don't have time (except for those who emailed me and I said that I would).

I'll still be using Mediafire (with a different account), but from now on I'll be putting passwords on my files. The password will always be: airisuzukijmt


  1. I guess I have to try to get rock chan and funky chan..... :(

  2. Once I posted a Hey! Say! JUMP Single (full editions) MF deleted all, but since that I've not got notifications XD I hope don't get it in a future c:
    Luck Chris!

  3. I emailed you (I used mati_persico@hotmail.com) asking for the MV of Berryz and °C-ute in HD!! And you told me that you were working on it.

  4. All that you have uploaded can be found on the Hello! Online Tracker, right? ><

  5. craaaaaap.

    You've put your stuff up on the tracker right? Because I'm running low on space once again so I'm not going to be able to dl a bunch of stuff right now.

    If not, don't worry then, I'll just download new stuff.

  6. Thanks ryochan!

    @Mat0x: I'll have to delay that for a while since I'm not sure if MediaFire will continue to delete the files.

    @Shiratori Misa & Leia: Yeah, even the donation project videos were uploaded so if you can use torrents you'll be okay.

  7. Haaaahhh~ Thank goodness for the creation of torrents! XDD <3

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