Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Buono! Blu-ray PV Collection

Finally it was Buono!'s turn to have all their PVs released on the Blu-ray format! Of course, like the other BD PV collections, only the last few PVs are in true HD (in this case, Zassou no Uta through DEEP MIND).

However, again, I found most of the SD PVs to look slightly better than they did when they released on DVD (though it could just be a placebo effect in place; you can decide for yourself).

Note that I did not encode this - an anon did. Of course, I still have virtually all of the other BD PV collections to work on, I know. If the BDISO is uploaded somewhere I'll do my own encodes of the true HD PVs.

Click on the name of the PV you want to download and don't forget the password!

Honto no Jibun

Renai Rider

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Gachinko de Ikou!

Rottara Rottara

co. no. mi. chi.


Take it Easy!

Bravo Bravo

Our Songs

Zassou no Uta

Natsu Dakara

Hatsukoi Cider



  1. I'm not sure if you did or not, but I was just wondering if you finished the Morning Musume ones.

  2. ^ The HD ones yep, the SD ones, nope~

  3. *fangirl screams* The screenshots look so good!

    Buuuuut, I think I'm gonna wait to buy the Blu-ray myself if I ever get enough money.

  4. ehhh where's JUICY HE@RT?

  5. Dunno, UFA didn't put it on the DVD.

  6. The password is at the end of this post:

  7. Yeah, that really irritates me that they didn't include JUICY HE@RT. :'(

  8. is there any dance shot version?