Friday, July 27, 2012

[ADDP] C-ute 2012 Haru Natsu Concert

It releases on August 15th and the Blu-ray with shipping is 7414yen (about $93).

I won't have any money to put towards this so you guys will have to do this one on your own. To save money, I could use a slightly slower shipping option from CDJapan (the total would be 6914yen), or buy from Amazon Japan (6404yen total).

You can send donations to (read this post if you are unsure how).

PS, we still need $11 (or 1000yen) for the Berryz Blu-ray concert!


  1. What is the deadline for this C-ute concert's donations?

  2. I don't really have deadlines anymore. I'll still take donations for it just as long as we raise enough before the DVD makes its way to the internet.

    But if we want it to arrive on the release date, it needs to be ordered by August 11th.

  3. This is way off topic but, do you know where I can buy up-to-date Photobooks? Because the Hello Store USA has only certain ones. >.< (They have to ship to the US)

  4. CDJapan, Amazon Japan, and YesAsia all should have the PBs you're looking for.