Thursday, July 12, 2012

Going on hiatus

So as expected, my MediaFire account was finally suspended today (and thus all of the links are now dead), but unexpectedly, my other, new MF account was suspended as well.

In the meantime I'll continue to try other filehosters (packupload, 4shared, and turbobit have been recommended so far), but for an unknown amount of time, I won't be posting anything else.

The winner of the Alo-Hello 2 Blu-ray will be emailed on Sunday.


  1. you can't share anything with 4shared anymore

  2. Thanks for encoding and uploading our idol stuff. Airiindeshou is way more than a hello! project fan blog: It's wota central for many people around the world. Your efforts have been not in vain.
    Mediafire sucks, Airiindeshou rules.

  3. A lot of lj communities have been facing the same problems with mediafire. I'm not sure if it's the same case here but I know that mediafire's firewall is blacklisting sites and when the links are uploaded they're immediately blocked for violation. Eventually, uploaders would receive a strike against their account.

    It's a shame that you're going on hiatus. I've really enjoyed your subs and your posts. I hope you'll be able to work things out soon.

  4. Without this blog, I wouldn't have ever discovered Hello! Project. Also you've helped many fans with no Japanese language experience enjoy these artists. Its so sad that you're going to be leaving the hello project world, now who will sub the summer concert?

    I hope you find a new file sharing site, good luck.

  5. You started my downloading of Hello Project stuff I'm really grateful for every video you have posted you helped a lot of idol fans to see and understand what is the current news of our favorite idols its sad that you lost your mf account :(( i hope we see you soon :(

  6. @heavensblue
    That problem was that they added a wordfilter to Mediafire, I believe, that would add certain files to a blocklist if they have certain words in the filename. You didn't get any strikes for those and they weren't removed, but nobody else could download them. The things I got strikes for were removed immediately, unlike the blocked files.

    I'm sure TPF will still be subbing it as scheduled. You'll just have to grab it from Hello Online or wait for awhile for DDL.

    Sadly, I also lost my Mediafire account today. I had so much stuff on there, but what can you do? Like I said on twitter, PackUpload seems pretty good. 4shared is kind of unpreferred because you need an account in order to download stuff.

  7. I also my lost my mediafire account today -_-
    That was the best sharing site but they are trying to kill us...

  8. que mal que mediafire borre todos los archivos :(
    pero gracias por sus aportes...

  9. It's kinda sad if you stop using MF for your release.. There must be some way that MF use to detect which files is illegal to share...

    What I can suggest :
    1. encrypt real filename inside rar (winrar can do this), and use fake filename for that rar..

    2. use something like *, etc to hide the origin of the link, because they might already blacklisted this website so they will check any files that was accessed from this site. Even url shortener such as or tinyurl also might be fine.

    *cloaking url using to go to MF download link might not work for Google Chrome user.

    It's quite troublesome to protect the file. But these days, even if you go to different file hosting sites, this problem will always occur..

    If you guys still want to change to another file hosting site, hopefully you guys will consider to upload your RAW rip to H!O too because I pretty much losing hope with any filehosting sites~~

  10. I want to clear up that Airii~n deshou?! (Chobineko and I) aren't the same as TPF.

    Yes, I post TPF releases because I'm a TPF staff member and I encode mostly everything for our group. But this is a completely separate blog from the official TPF website.

    TPF isn't going on hiatus and we're still working on projects. We'll have something completed relatively soon actually.

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words and suggestions.

  11. All this stuff going down on the internet sucks :/

    I hope everything gets sorted out.

  12. Your links were always appreciated. Maybe you can upload the files with their md5+date, with pass that doesn't allow to even open the file without it. But that is a lot of hassle.

    Anyway, thanks for all the links :)

  13. the korean and other community blog stuff fan use nosupload for alternative upload host recently. why dont you try it?.
    its pretty easy to use and not disturbing the leecher's with those damn captcha things. just some countdown. and it's also fast and stable.
    just my thoughts.. :)

  14. Thanks for all the links for everything :) Thank you so much!

    I can't really say it's "unfair" or anything on Mediafire's part, but I still can't say that I like it.